It's Okay Thursday #21

Thursday, August 2, 2012

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It's Okay:

that it is Wednesday night and I am doing this post and that I am not scheduling it for Thursday ... hooking it up when I hit publish ... boo yeah!

that when I deleted my corrupt email account the check list of items that google informed me I would lose forever failed to mention EVERY PICTURE ON MY BLOG!  Yeah how is that for SUCKS!!!

that I wanted to just delete this blog and never think about it again!

that I am totally awesome and figured out that said pictures are still listed on google images therefore I just have to go post by post and add them back ... I mean I only have like 638 (now 639 posts) EASY PEASY....not.

that going back and looking at all my old posts has really made me see that there is some great stuff on here and that I do indeed love my blog.

that anytime I think my blog is in a rut I am just going to look at some of my old stuff for inspiration.  Seriously try it sometime ... you will be RIGHT back on your game.

that I haven't had any posts this week because I have been re-saving and updating old posts like it was my job ... seriously I haven't hit 300 yet.  Do you hear it .... womp womp WOMMMMMP!

that this is totally too many blog fiasco comments for one post.

that I haven't worked out all week and it is now 8 days until I pick up my wedding dress from alternations.  Okay I seriously think last week I did WAY too much like 2 to 3 workouts a day people ... anyways what's done is done.  Moving on!!

that our firm directory came out today Wednesday and I got a bit sad knowing that it was the last time I would show up on it as myself.  

that I guess a reason why I decided to go with my actual name on my blog (or soon to be actual name) is I kinda have to get used to it.  You know you go your whole life with your name and then ... it's gone?  It's kinda too weird for words.  I mean this is me ... my name and now it's different?  I know ... I am weird. ;)

that awesome co-workers are throwing me a fab wedding shower at the end of this month and like 5 people immediately came up to me saying ... wait your name has 2 Ls?  Um yeah ... it has all my life PLUS the SEVEN years I have worked here.

that OMG I just thought it has been 7 years since .... I AM SOOOO OLD!!

that seriously ... I am old ... the other day I was walking down the stairs to our lobby and my ankle was creaking so much that I'm pretty sure they think we need to get the floor boards tightened on the stairs.

that I was just cleaning out my "blog journal" and I saw where I wrote ... I am going to stop bitching about work and just let problems work out because they always do in the end.  Seriously?  When did I write that and why didn't I get it tattooed on my forehead so I would have a CONSTANT reminder of this epiphany?  I so could have used those words LAST WEEK!!

that I am proud that I have watch some olympic events.  I have gymnastics on DVR ... don't tell me ANYTHING about it!!!

that I love this time of year ... hello school supplies on sale! 

that technically it is almost Thursday now because I have been rambling for like forever here ...11:51.....

that I just wrote two entries and decided to delete them ... yes folks ... Shia censors herself for your enjoyment.

that I am way to chipper for 11:54!

that I am determined to keep this up until the clock strikes midnight. (strikes - seriously does anyone say that anymore)

that I've now sat here for 4 mins and haven't typed anything so I guess I finally ran out of steam.

So anywho ... what's okay with you?
Funny Encouragement Ecard: S.H.I.T.! So Happy It's Thursday!


  1. Cute blog post! Just wanted to let you know that I added you to my my new blog roll--hope that is OK with you!

  2. Thanks and of course it's okay!! Thank you for adding me!!


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