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Friday, August 17, 2012

Today I decided enough is enough ... I have like a ba-gillion gmail accounts and one is nothing much junk mail.  Literally I log on to it just so I can delete like 100 junk mails a day.  Why?  So I just went through my trash folder and unsubscribed to any that I didn't open.  Hopefully this will eliminate the amount of junk I get a day.  Also, instead of just handing out my email to any old retailer that asks for it I am going to say ... NO THANK YOU!  I don't need you sending me your advertisements on a daily basis.  I mean sure you give them the email address for hopes of a discount code or coupon but in reality they are just giving you more temptation to buy.  So off with your junk mail!

How many email accounts do you have ... am I the only one with 10??  Do I need AA for email accounts??

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  1. Hello...
    Junk mail, it sounds is not very good. I often receive emails like that, very unpleasant. As if we are the object of marketing. disappointed but patient.
    A little writting about life style


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