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My Summer Looks

So this is what I normally wear to the pool. This bathing suit I got at Target like 5 years ago! Simple Tshirt and pull on shorts and some cheap sunglasses I got from Walmart. I got these cover up dresses from Old Navy like $7 a piece a few years ago and here is my NEW bathing suit...$12 a piece at Walmart and drum roll it is REVERSIBLE and I love both sides!! Here are some other sunglasses I have had for years. Here's the other side of my bathing suit and I got this cover up from Victoria Secret a few years ago on clearance with an additional % off. I can't remember how much but I know it was cheap. Here's another pair of sunglasses I have had forever. I have a love/hate relationship with these sunglasses...I love the coverage they give but I hate how they make me look like a look silly or no sunspots or wrinkles on my eyes....hmmmmm which one sounds worse I am thinking sunspots and wrinkles LOL!

Summer Looks for Less ~ Really!

So Marie Claire recently did an article, "Cheap Summer Fashion," and I am here to tell you that NONE of their looks were CHEAP!  All of their 8 looks added up to about $400.  I took three of their recommended looks and found CHEAPER alternatives.  So enjoy! Look #1 Black & White (you know me I love some B&W)
Maire Claire's outfit breakdown.... Espadrilles $250, Castaner; Dress, $68, Bar III; Bikini, $33, Old Navy; Hat $29.95, Gap; Sunglasses, $68, Ann Taylor;
Grand Total: $448.95
Shia's Summer Look for Less

I of course changed my look to black, white AND yellow.   Also, I put the print on the bathing suit since that is what you'll  be showing off more than the cover up.
Shia's Outfit Breakdown..... A)  Mossimo Romper @ Target, $19.99; B) Mix & Match Bathing Suit @ Old Navy and top, $31; C) Fedora @ Target on sale in stores this week for $10; D) Espadrilles Xhliration @ Target, $24.99; E) Mo…

Mini Shia

Grande Iced Green Tea Please!

Ring A Ding Ding

So today at lunch, my co-worker friend and I got stuck over at the Landing (pathetic excuse for our "downtown mall") due to a short down pour so we went into Body Shop for some laughs and found the following....
"The Gun Show"
The only thing that would have made this MORE hilarious  was if you could actually pull the trigger alas you could not.
"The Fruit Roll Up"
Doesn't it just make you want to go buy some fruit roll ups ...oh how much fun we used to have a lunch time.
I will have to say that there was tons of stuff that was in shockingly bad taste but these two items were the funniest.

Well I know I am finally feeling better...

I just thought of three blog ideas in like three seconds.  Sorry I haven't posted for awhile.  First, I had stuff come up to keep me busy including a wonderful weekend with my niece, Marissa, who apparently passed me a flu bug she had a week previous.  So I have been seriously down for the count.  I went back to work today at about 50% just because I couldn't be at home any longer.  So, I have lots of catching up to do so bare with me ~ great stuff on its way!

Lucky Recommends ~ Shia Investigates

So Lucky recommended these shorts in their June issue.  I thought great.  I need shorts and have NONE (except workout shorts) because I can never find any that look good, fit right, are the right length, etc.  So I go to and NADA!  These shorts are not on their website.  I google search the name Chambray and find A (see below) listed that they are on clearance and only one size is left.  Plus they aren't even the same color.

Obviously, the shorts Lucky recommended were from a past summer.  So I went back to and found this summer's Chambray shorts ~ B (see above).  Not quite the same....the ones in Lucky looked thinner and maybe a little dresser than this jean material in the new style.  So since I was headed over to Ulta to get my hair trimmed, I thought I would go in and check out these shorts because they got some mixed reviews online.  Click here to see.  I found these shorts to be entirely too short and they did run big.  Also, since they were big,…

Recent Cards

A Woman's Right to Shoes .... Still

So occasionally I like to look on Saks website ... you know and dream.  So I saw the manolos in the upper left photo on their website (click here) for $719.00!!!  OMG these shoes are still on sale and now they are MORE EXPENSIVE?!?  They were featured in Season 6 Part 1 in the episode "A woman's right to shoes".  Carrie goes to a baby shower and is told to take off her shoes.  At the end of the night her shoes are gone and she has to walk home in some old sneakers that belonged to the host.  
And then.....

Needless to say in the end...

This episode was great on so many levels.  I hate when people are smug.  It doesn't happen just in regards to many times have I don't understand because you're not married.  Right because my three year, fully committed, living together, own our home relationship is completely different than yours because you have a piece of paper and a different last name.

Money Back Gurantee

So, I have another reason to love Ulta, when I bought those nail pens from Sally Hansen that didn’t work, I decided I would take them back because I didn't even open one of them and I barely used the one I did open and when I took him back to Ulta they asked what was wrong and I told them I didn’t like him and “dissatisfied with” was what she put into the register. So apparently if you try something and you don’t like it you can return it and get your money back. This has opened a whole new world of product testing for me. I am amazed that I can try something and if it doesn't work I can return it because I am notorious for buying something using it once and then having to give it away or throw it away after years of junking up my space under the sink. 
So with this knowledge I plan on trying Loreal one sweep eyeshadow. It is supposed to do smoky eye with ease. I have my doubts and since this stuff is pricey ($9.99) for drugstore makeup, I didn't plan on actually ever b…

No Shopping Required!

I am really bad at buying items and only wearing them in one particular outfit.  Also, how many times do you buy something new that looks like something you already own?   So I thought enough is enough I am going to do a little "shopping" in my very own closet.  So last night I came up with 5 new outfits in just 20 minutes.
So I started with this skirt which I bought on  clearance at Banana Republic about 3 years ago. A) Nine West - bought at an outlet on "sale" about a year ago. B) Ann Taylor Loft - bought on clearance about a year ago. C) Worthington - bought on clearance at JCPenneys about 3 year ago. 
This is a great Monday outfit because with minimal  effort it is a cute and polished office outfit. A) Ann Taylor Loft embellished tank- I bought this as part of my "looking at rings outfit" I have never worn it without the sweater I bought for that outfit and since it is warm out needed a new way to wear it.   B) Kristen Davis Shrug - I bought it at Be…

Glamour Recommends ~ Shia Investigates

So recently I saw on Glamour's website an article for $50 and under (with regards to Coral outfits).  Click here to see the article.

Cute right?  So I thought I would buy this....
So I went to the Old Navy website and found in on sale for $7.99.  Just gets better and better right?  First I read some of the reviews....
Way to long I just received this today in the Coral color and it’s gorgeous. The fabric is soft and comfy and the detailing is very pretty but it is so long! I’m 5’6 about 135 and usually wear a medium. This hits me mid thigh and the tie which I assume would be around my waist sits very low on my hips (below the waist band of my jeans). I’m going to try and shrink it otherwise I’ll probably lose the tie and wear it with leggings.

Not what I expected This top is way too long; I could almost wear it as a dress. It was also very loose and a bit see through.

Not Flattering I loved this shirt when I first saw it, but when I tried it on it was completely different that wha…

Happy Mother's Day!

So I made some cards for Mother's Day...I can't post them yet...can't ruin the surprise for my Mom.

So instead I thought I would post a few reasons to love your Mom:
When the love of your life gives you a ring, she's tells you that she always knew it would happen for you (even when you were sure it was never going to) and is just as happy as you are.On your birthday, she calls at the exact moment you were born to remind you that this was the exact moment that you were born.You can tell her anything and she will listen.When your standing in the grocery aisle needing to know how to substitute this for that in a recipe, she's just a phone call away.When you tell her your next big idea or goal in life and she always tells you that she knows you can do it and you will achieve it.When you haven't blogged for a few days and she calls or emails to see if everything is okay.Even though you try to be logical, sometimes you just need your Mom to tell you what you should do…

Am I missing something?

So last Saturday while I was spending time doing laundry I watched Dirty Dancing.  First of all let me say that I can remember a time when this was on tv and my mom wouldn't let me watch it.  When I remembered that I had a chuckle.  
Anywho, I really don't see what's so great about this movie and after everytime I watch it I think ... eh!  I never had that childhood/teenage crush on Patrick Swayze.  I thought he was OLD because he was compared to who I was "in love with".  So maybe that is the primary reason that I don't get all weepy and emotionally involved in the story.  
Also, what's the big deal, a stuck up rich girl gets a taste of real life?  WOW!
Maybe it was just before my time, I mean I really don't see what the big deal is about most 80s movies and Paul is always shocked when I haven't see these "classics".  So I guess you love what you grow up with and apparently I was too young back in the day to watch it (you know all that &qu…

Smelly Day

Yesterday can just be summed up as a collection of smells.  
1) In the morning I get on the elevator in the parking garage with a woman whose smell can only be described as if she soaked in a vat of sun tan lotion.  The coconut smell was so potent that I thought 1) I will never be able to enjoy that beachy/pool smell again and 2) OMG I am about to throw up.  I tried to lose her after the painful ride down the elevator only to be caught in her smell as I walked into the building and I got trapped on the elevator with her AGAIN!  I felt it rude to stand in there with my nose plugged so instead I tried to do my best at breathing out of my mouth and holding my breath.  I was happy when her floor arrived before mine.  
2) When a co-worker I had our morning chit chat she said to smell so clean.  I joked that I had taken my "yearly bath" but really it is that Ocean Pacific perfume that is making a come back into my fragrances. Everyone always comments on how nice it is wh…

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

As we all know from my previous posts, my closet is organized and if it gets messy it's a quick fix to clean it. The bathroom however is not. It gets totally trashed and it constantly feels like a project when cleaning it up. I needed to get the bathroom like my closet to where everything has a spot and it can just be quickly put away. When I bought the organization boxes for the closet, I bought some for under the sink as well. The problem with the boxes under the sink was the lids. It was just too much of a hassle to take the lid on and off each time I needed something so the quick fix was to eliminate the lids. Instead of getting rid of the lids, I just tucked them underneath the box, just in case I needed the lids in the future. 
So I did one last time of cleaning out underneath the sink and getting rid of and/or giving away anything I didn't want or use. The main items I had to get rid of were several lotions I never use. I decided to take them to work and leave the…

Love it and Hate it!

So I recently received a gift card from work for $50 and now I am perplexed as to what I should spend it on. I am really bad with gift cards. If I receive a gift card I seem to always have to have something “perfect” to use it on. I won’t go shopping and use it here or there on small items. I will get up to the cash register and think, “This isn’t worthy enough to use my gift card.” So I will just end up paying for it which makes me end up spending more money because I go to the store with the intention of using the gift card and then end up spending money that I normally would not have spent. So I am thinking what is my game plan for this gift card. I need to commit to something and roll with it with no regrets. So since I am on a savings kick, I should think about this and buy something I have wanted to buy but haven’t because I’m trying to save my money. So what are some items that I can spend the whole $50 on. I was thinking maybe a writing space, I know I sort of have …