Ring A Ding Ding

Friday, May 27, 2011

So today at lunch, my co-worker friend and I got stuck over at the Landing (pathetic excuse for our "downtown mall") due to a short down pour so we went into Body Shop for some laughs and found the following....

"The Gun Show"

The only thing that would have made this MORE hilarious 
was if you could actually pull the trigger alas you could not.

"The Fruit Roll Up"

Doesn't it just make you want to go buy some fruit roll ups
...oh how much fun we used to have a lunch time.

I will have to say that there was tons of stuff that was in shockingly bad taste but these two items were the funniest.


  1. Ha! Very interesting. Someone took the time to really make those things. It would have been cool if the gun really worked...snicker.

  2. LOL right. My thought was who is thinking...hmmm what I need to tie this outfit together is a .... GUN RING! Now it's PERFECT =)


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