Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As we all know from my previous posts, my closet is organized and if it gets messy it's a quick fix to clean it. The bathroom however is not. It gets totally trashed and it constantly feels like a project when cleaning it up. I needed to get the bathroom like my closet to where everything has a spot and it can just be quickly put away. When I bought the organization boxes for the closet, I bought some for under the sink as well. The problem with the boxes under the sink was the lids. It was just too much of a hassle to take the lid on and off each time I needed something so the quick fix was to eliminate the lids. Instead of getting rid of the lids, I just tucked them underneath the box, just in case I needed the lids in the future. 

So I did one last time of cleaning out underneath the sink and getting rid of and/or giving away anything I didn't want or use. The main items I had to get rid of were several lotions I never use. I decided to take them to work and leave them in the ladies room with note stating “free to a good home”. The next time I went into the ladies room, all the lotions were gone. I am glad that someone else will make use of my clutter. 

Here are some pictures of the BEFORE and AFTER. 
Even though my closet is organized stuff winds up on the floor. The stuff that winds up on the floor is usually stuff I decide not to wear for whatever reason. So it lies around on the floor until he gets hung up again and the process is repeated. So I decided enough is enough I’m tired of these clothes making me feel guilty for hating them and not wearing them. I always put them on because I feel like I should wear them because I bought them. So I took down everything I never wear, laid it out on my bed, gave it all its last chance by trying it on one last time and decided to keep or toss. And by toss I mean give away. Perhaps just like the lotions someone will be happy with this clutter. Also, I’m happy to report that out of the 20 items or more I only ended up keeping 4 to 5 items and I have vowed that if I haven't worn them in the next two weeks....OUT THEY GO!

See anything you want?  You can have it!  Leave a comment or email me...LOL!

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  1. I am on process on doing major clean up for my closet So far I have gotten 1 huge black trash bag full of stuff that I didn't even know existed until now.... It's been a task but I will get it all organized I hope....
    I like that you have this if it's not being worn.... OUT IT GOES!!! I should start something like that...
    Great post.!!


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