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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Lucky recommended these shorts in their June issue.  I thought great.  I need shorts and have NONE (except workout shorts) because I can never find any that look good, fit right, are the right length, etc.  So I go to and NADA!  These shorts are not on their website.  I google search the name Chambray and find A (see below) listed that they are on clearance and only one size is left.  Plus they aren't even the same color.

Obviously, the shorts Lucky recommended were from a past summer.  So I went back to and found this summer's Chambray shorts ~ B (see above).  Not quite the same....the ones in Lucky looked thinner and maybe a little dresser than this jean material in the new style.  So since I was headed over to Ulta to get my hair trimmed, I thought I would go in and check out these shorts because they got some mixed reviews online.  Click here to see.  I found these shorts to be entirely too short and they did run big.  Also, since they were big, the back of the shorts looked HORRIBLE.  Why can't Old Navy make cute pockets?  The back pockets are always huge and make you look like you are wearing "mom jeans".  

Isn't it ironic that Glamour and Lucky recommended an Old Navy item without doing their homework.  I think Lucky just didn't check their Image before they posted it since these shorts no longer exist but part of me is just starting to think that Old Navy is a lot of hype and what's with them saying that they have great deals and then everything is $25 to $30!

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