Summer Looks for Less ~ Really!

Monday, May 30, 2011

So Marie Claire recently did an article, "Cheap Summer Fashion," and I am here to tell you that NONE of their looks were CHEAP!  All of their 8 looks added up to about $400.  I took three of their recommended looks and found CHEAPER alternatives.  So enjoy!
Look #1 Black & White (you know me I love some B&W)

Maire Claire's outfit breakdown....
Espadrilles $250, Castaner; Dress, $68, Bar III; Bikini, $33, Old Navy; Hat $29.95, Gap; Sunglasses, $68, Ann Taylor;
Grand Total: $448.95

Shia's Summer Look for Less

I of course changed my look to black, white AND yellow.  
Also, I put the print on the bathing suit since that is what you'll 
be showing off more than the cover up.

Shia's Outfit Breakdown.....
A)  Mossimo Romper @ Target, $19.99; B) Mix & Match Bathing Suit @ Old Navy and top, $31; C) Fedora @ Target on sale in stores this week for $10; D) Espadrilles Xhliration @ Target, $24.99; E) Mossimo Sunglasses @ Target on sale in stores this week for $10
Grand Total: $95.98
Look # 2 Tie Dye

Maire Claire's outfit breakdown...
Bikini, $130, Banana Republic; Cardigan, $69, DKNY Jeans; Shorts, $49.95,  Gap; Shoes, $99, Talbots; Sunglasses, $34.90, Mango;  
Grand Total: $382.85
Shia's Summer Look for Less
So for my look I changed two things, first NO ONE wears a sweater to the beach or pool and second closed toe shoes just scream sand issue for beach goers so I picked a more beach friendly flat.

Shia's Outfit Breakdown....
A) Coral Top @ Walmart, $10; B) OP Bathing Suit @ Walmart and bottom, $24; C) Sunglasses @ Forever 21, $5.80; D) Striped Shorts @ Forever 21, $9.80 {might be a shorter short but hey it's the pool/beach}; E) Adrina Flat @ Crocs, $39.99;
Grand Total: $89.59
Look #3 Covered Up

Maire Claire's outfit breakdown....
Tote, $50, Express; Cardigan, $79.50, J.Crew; Swimsuit, $24.95, Flower Pins $3.95 each, H&M; for stores. Shoes, $99, Sisley; (800) 535-4491 for stores
Grand Total:  $265.60
{Please note that any time you see H&M advertised in a magazine that you are NEVER going to find it.  You can't order it online from the store and there's only a few stores in selected cities so unless you are heading to NYC for a shopping spree you are never going to get it ~ if you are headed to NYC to go to H&M let me know I have a list of stuff you can pick up for me =)}

Shia's Summer Look for Less
For my look I swapped out the cardigan...IT IS HOT!

Shia's Outfit Breakdown...
A) Burnout cover up dress @ Walmart, $12; B) Swimsuit @ Walmart and bottom, $24; C) Beaded Flip Flop @ Target, $12.99; D) Calypso Tote @ Target, $12.99
Grand Total:  $65.98

{I posted the direct link to each item I found online in case you want to purchase it.  I hope you see something you like.  Also, I tried to make sure everything I found online was in stock.  This blog post seriously took hours but I'm so happy with how it turned out.  Also, since today is the official first day of summer....HAPPY SUMMER!!!!  Don't forget the most important accessory...SUNSCREEN!}


  1. very cool, all of your options are much more reasonable!

  2. thanks I think the tie dye outfit is my fave!


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