It's the end and it's just beginning ...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So every year we all try to start off the new year with vowing to fix everything we deem wrong in our lives. It's human nature I suppose to fear the calendar flip.  I often have to stop myself from feeling that New Year bandwagon guilt and the looming birthday.  Let's face it folks ... January is a difficult month.  I've always said that it kinda stinks that I have to start off the new year getting older (well on the 27th) but to heck with all that Negative Nancy ... it's like a band aid - rip it off and start the new year.  

2013 was definitely a year of changes for me.  First wedding anniversary and walking away from the legal world for good.  (well hopefully for good - fingers crossed Shia here gets into one of the 9 programs she is applying for this July)  Changes do come with costs and can be scary in the beginning.  Everyone around me was pretty supportive but I have seemed to fall out of touch with some people that possibly don't understand.  But isn't that just the natural course?  

So what's the deal with 2014?  For some reason I feel like I have to start working out tomorrow ... LOL. Dang that knee jerk New Year guilt!  Even though I probably should  start a new workout routine that is not my New Year's Resolution.  This year I think I want to just resolve to live every day to the fullest.  I know kinda lame and kinda boring.  But seriously, think about how many days of the year we take for granted and then we just seem to focus all of our attention to the bad days.  It's time to start making the most of life.  We only get one ... so we all need to work on making the best one we can have.

Happy New Year to All!
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