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Back from vay cay....

So I had a couple of days off. I think I did pretty well making structured days. Usually when I have multiple days off in a row I tend to miss the structure of getting stuff done. Waking up, going to work, running errands afterwards, etc. Normally I just feel like days off are a complete waste of time if I'm not on a trip. However, I am proud to say that I actually had productive days that didn't involve shopping. Okay there was the instance with the damask scrapbook paper....but I've already discussed that. So far today has been a pretty relaxed day, so it's been a nice peaceful transition back to work. However, only 22 days until my next vacation...YAY!

A Political Cartoon that is ACTUALLY funny....

I saw this in the Florida Times Union on Sunday and actually cut it out to scan so I could post it. Of course I lost the cut out and had to search for it on the internet and finally... I found it. I love this on SO many levels. The number one reason is because I hate HATE HATE the news media. I news really isn't "the news" anymore. It 's more about entertainment and the scare factor. They have to keep ratings up just like your fav tv shows. They are also on 24 7! There isn't that much news in a day so they have to fill in the segments with their BS. Also does everyone truly believe every word that comes out of a politician's mouth? No! But some people believe that everything they hear on the news is the absolute truth. NO ... it isn't! There are a lot of opinions being thrown around and all those "special guests and speakers" all have an agenda and have their point of view that they want to get across. So America do the right thing…

Writer's Block

So it's Wednesday how in the heck did it get here so fast? This week is just tearing by. Usually I am not one to complain but it's WEDNESDAY and I haven't even had one blog idea. So this week is the week before my boss will be out for Thanksgiving. So guess what folks...that's right I will be out too. So of course like any good attorney going away for a week, he has to do a year's worth of work in one week to make up for it. So I guess I have been so busy this week that I didn't even realize that it was Wednesday already. So happy Friday Eve Eve (yes that is EVEN gayer than Friday Eve don't even utter it out loud because if people start saying that around here I might go postal) Wait .... brilliance ... I just remembered something I was going to write about. YAY! Stay tuned!

"Scary Movies"

Okay I couldn't let this post go to waste. I had originally wanted to post this on Halloween but trick or treating with my niece was way more important. So instead I thought I'd relate it to how scary movies aren't so scary anymore. The scary movies are just the same old story OVER and OVER again. Sure if you are young and in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (ahem BETH) you might be scared however now there's no really edge of the seat, nail biting, clutching the pillow, holding your breath moments because they have been done so many times the same way you know what to expect.

I love a good zombie movie but ever notice how in all zombie movies the people are totally clueless as to what is happening. No one thinks wait those are zombies....RUN or aim for their head. Also there is ALWAYS that one person in the group that gets bit and doesn't tell everyone thinking that they are not going to change and guess what....5 to 10 mins later they are attacking the group. Good one ge…

Fire Lane

Have you ever notice how some people think the fire lane at the grocery store is their personal parking spot (even though the sign states TOW AWAY)? Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about someone dropping off an elderly person, I am referring to the SUV/minivan of that person who is "just running in and out." Guess what buddy everyone is just running in and out of the grocery store. No one plans to stay forever. Every time I go to the grocery store there is a line of vehicles parked in the fire lane, so many in fact that it impossible to even maneuver around them to LEAVE the grocery store parking lot.
I had a Political Science professor at the University of Florida that did a lecture on how government is a cycle and that the next step after democracy (can circles have steps...anyway you know what I mean) is anarchy. (Then it starts over again totalitarianism, dictatorship, monarch, republic, democracy and the back to anarchy and repeat.) Is this one of the …

Wedding Traditions

So I am planning my wedding which will take place in about two years. My ideal date is 9/10/11. The idea of me having a wedding is very new to me. I wasn't that little girl dreaming of the perfect day. I was that little girl thinking about going to law school and making money. I was seriously convinced that I was never going to get married. My sister Nicole even told me once that she never thought I would get married and that I would just be rich and travel the world. Gee thanks Nicole. However, when I met Paul that all changed. I know love at first sight seems very cliché but the moment I saw him I knew he was the one for me. I just hoped it wasn't the universe toying with my emotions and that he felt it to. I will NEVER forget our first date. Even more I will NEVER forget the first time he said that he loved me. I was in my typical frantic getting ready for work mode running around getting all my stuff together and trying to get headed out the door. I said bye …

RATS! It's Friday!

So there's a pep in my step so it must be FRIDAY! However, my day started off sort of weird. I walked through the parking garage to the elevator and had to step out of the way of a HUGE dead rat. Seriously, if parking garages weren't scary enough at night now you have to worry about RATS! AHHHHH! Which is ironic because I just watched the movie Drag Me to Hell and parking garages aren't THAT scary but now I have to rethink that whole thought. Sure there isn't some crazy cataract blind gypsy hanging out in my backseat ready to attack me but there's just a huge rat hiding under my car ready to gnaw on my leg and give me the plague! Just as I was entering the building and trying to clear that horrid thought of the rat out of my head...I ran into one of our associates...getting his tennis shoes shined in the lobby. TENNIS SHOES! AHHHHH! What is going on? I think that was scarier than the rat!


I hate...hate....HATE this desktop theme! It is the most unoriginal background for your computer. With millions of things you can find on the chose this from your computer defaults...what's next the bouncing ball as your screen saver. BE MORE CREATIVE!!

Copy Cats

Why does it seem like there are people out there that just do everything and anything that you do.  I mean wear a pink sweater and they wear a pink sweater.  Seriously though, there is such thing as coincidence (ahem Taller) but then there are people that are straight up copy cats!  Does the whole copy cat thing really speak toward a bigger issue?  Someone not happy with themselves so they try to copy someone else?  Or did they just like what you like and gave it a chance? 

Carnations get a bad wrap!
I am planning my wedding on a budget to save for an extravagant honeymoon to Europe. I am in love with black and white damask with yellow accent. I absolutely LOVE this table setting. But ... Carnations? Are they pretty enough? Are they classy enough? They are cheap so does it scream cheap for a wedding?

These thoughts remind me of the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte tells Carrie and Berger that she once broke up with a guy for bringing her carnations on a date because carnations are filler flowers. Carrie disagrees and says that she loves carnations. It seems like there are a lot of women out there that detest even the thought of carnations. Well I agree with Carrie there is something sweet about a carnation. Not every flower can be a rose, but come on you have to admit roses are a tad overdone and overpriced because of being overdone.

I might also be biased because my birthday month flower is a carnation but as you can see from the picture above...they ca…