Carnations get a bad wrap!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
I am planning my wedding on a budget to save for an extravagant honeymoon to Europe. I am in love with black and white damask with yellow accent. I absolutely LOVE this table setting. But ... Carnations? Are they pretty enough? Are they classy enough? They are cheap so does it scream cheap for a wedding?

These thoughts remind me of the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte tells Carrie and Berger that she once broke up with a guy for bringing her carnations on a date because carnations are filler flowers. Carrie disagrees and says that she loves carnations. It seems like there are a lot of women out there that detest even the thought of carnations. Well I agree with Carrie there is something sweet about a carnation. Not every flower can be a rose, but come on you have to admit roses are a tad overdone and overpriced because of being overdone.

I might also be biased because my birthday month flower is a carnation but as you can see from the picture above...they can be as breath taking as any other flower out there. So I think I have decided to go with carnations for my centerpieces because they are beautiful and cheap! The running joke with my friends and family is that I'm always going to go the jew route and go there as cheap as possible and yes I can say jews are cheap because I am a cheap jew!

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