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Wedding Traditions

So I am planning my wedding which will take place in about two years. My ideal date is 9/10/11. The idea of me having a wedding is very new to me. I wasn't that little girl dreaming of the perfect day. I was that little girl thinking about going to law school and making money. I was seriously convinced that I was never going to get married. My sister Nicole even told me once that she never thought I would get married and that I would just be rich and travel the world. Gee thanks Nicole. However, when I met Paul that all changed. I know love at first sight seems very cliché but the moment I saw him I knew he was the one for me. I just hoped it wasn't the universe toying with my emotions and that he felt it to. I will NEVER forget our first date. Even more I will NEVER forget the first time he said that he loved me. I was in my typical frantic getting ready for work mode running around getting all my stuff together and trying to get headed out the door. I said bye and he said bye I love you. I walked outside and stopped and thought to myself. Did he just say he loved me? I walked back in and said what did you say...he said I said I love you. I said I love you too. Having said all that I not one for a big traditional wedding. Sure I want to have a pretty dress and a ceremony but to me simple and chic is the key. Oh yeah and cheap. So simple, chic and cheap! So in going the simple route I am seriously considering forgoing bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girls, etc. Also, I'm also leaning towards walking alone down the aisle. However, this morning I watched Kardashian Wedding and Khole considered having her brother instead of her stepfather walk her down the aisle. Her thoughts were that her brother reminded her of her deceased father and in a way it would be like her father walking her down the aisle. Well her stepfather has been in her life since she was 5 years old. So he was upset for being left out. It made me think about my stepfather. Sure my sister Nicole has already gotten married and he walked her down the aisle, but would he be upset if I didn't ask him. Believe me he's been my true father since I was about 7 years old or maybe even younger. But being simple, chic and CHEAP does not mean that I have to cut my stepdad out of the ceremony. The heck with my sisters being bridesmaids or maids of honor...they'll get over it. I just wouldn't want to make the terrible mistake of hurting my stepdad. So get ready're walking me down the aisle!


  1. i am crying! that is incredibly sweet! good for you and congrats to Bill!

  2.'s insane that it took a silly reality TV show on E to make me realize but I'm glad I did. BTW I knew you would cry which is how I knew you hadn't read it yet =P

  3. This made me cry glad that Bill will be walking you down the aisle...Betsy

  4. He's just not allowed to wear the!


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