A Political Cartoon that is ACTUALLY funny....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I saw this in the Florida Times Union on Sunday and actually cut it out to scan so I could post it. Of course I lost the cut out and had to search for it on the internet and finally... I found it. I love this on SO many levels. The number one reason is because I hate HATE HATE the news media. I news really isn't "the news" anymore. It 's more about entertainment and the scare factor. They have to keep ratings up just like your fav tv shows. They are also on 24 7! There isn't that much news in a day so they have to fill in the segments with their BS. Also does everyone truly believe every word that comes out of a politician's mouth? No! But some people believe that everything they hear on the news is the absolute truth. NO ... it isn't! There are a lot of opinions being thrown around and all those "special guests and speakers" all have an agenda and have their point of view that they want to get across. So America do the right thing and research stuff. Don't just believe stuff because you are told to. Form your own opinion based on facts and not what someone told you to base your opinion on or what your opinion should be. This is the real reason for America being in the toilet, we are letting ourselves stay down as a society because we aren't thinking for ourselves. (ok ok I'm getting off my soap box...for now)


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