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So, I have been tired all week and the dreary weather is definitely not helping.  I've literally felt like I was in a haze all week.  It also doesn't help that I've cut out a lot of caffenine this week, too.  But seriously, if I am tired and being unproductive from being tired (not blogging enough!!) something needs to be done so here are some things I am going to change.
Get ready for bed before bed.  I normally take showers at night before I go to bed and then I can't go to sleep right away.  The shower essentially wakes me up.  So from now on I am going to shower after dinner so when I wind down for the evening I don't rush around getting ready for the morning.
I need a bedtime.  Look growing up we all hated having a bedtime but seriously we need one.  We need to get X amount of sleep a night to function the next day.  I need to start going to bed sooner.  I wonder what my "bedtime" should be...I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be 1:00 am!
Not quite…


Have you ever thought about snooping? You have a shady boyfriend and you want to look through all of his stuff the second he leaves you alone in his house. Think before you snoop because you might find that dreaded something you're looking for. Also, why are you snooping? If he's keeping something from you and you have a gut feeling....that is enough to go on. You don't need validation for a couple of reasons. First, he'll flip the script on're now the guilty party for snooping and second, if you find something there's no way you can forget it and move on without telling him you snooped.
Good relationships are built on trust.  If you ask yourself...can I trust him and the answer is no...then this is not a good relationship.  Sure we all lie to ourselves and try to make that not so special guy "the one" but sometimes you just need to realize...he's not "the one" and move on.  You deserve better.
Also, if you start snooping…

Straight Hair but at What Cost?

So we all know women - if you have curly hair you want straight hair and if you have straight hair you want curly hair.  Well the things women will do to get straight hair is unbelievable.  Apparently, there is this new treatment called a Brazilian Blowout and tons of different Keratin Hair Treatments.  Everything I have read says that it uses formaldehyde and that it is brutal to get done and I have even read that some woman died from not washing her hair (as recommended by the salon) and the fumes killing her.  Believe me I know how much it sucks to do your hair and then go out in the humidity and all of your hard work kinks up in a second.  It totally sucks.  But are you seriously willing to put your life in danger for some flat hair?  Also beware of products that state formaldehyde free - testing has been done and they found formaldehyde in those products too.  
Back in college I had my hair chemically straightened twice - it definitely wasn't a Brazilian Blowout but I'm su…


So recently I saw an article titled Cheating with Food and I was intrigued. I thought - OMG I cheat with food. First let me say that a while back I was afraid that I had food issues and that I might be a food addict. I mean I even checked out a book from the library and was about to self diagnosed myself as a food addict. However, after reading the book I of course discovered that I was not but when I saw this article I thought OMG this is ME! Face it we all have people in our lives that we feel we have to live up to a certain standard for and we hide stuff in an effort to not disappoint them. For example, I have a sweet tooth but I refrain from sweets. However, when I have a craving for it I have hid it from Paul as if having a craving for sweets make me some sort of deviant. Also, the fact that I refrain, want it and then have to hide it made me eat WAY more of it than I would ever do normally. It's seriously like having to get rid of any evidence of it. So recently (…


So as stated in my earlier post - Sunday was pool day.  Ever notice how much stuff you need to tote over to the pool and heaven forbid the beach.  It can be daunting.  So here's some suggestions from yours truly to make it effortless.
1) Pool/Beach bag - whatever bag you already own that you don't use everyday - make it your pool/beach bag.  You can use a reusable shopping bag which you can pick up at your local supermarket for 99 cents.  Keep your sunscreen, sunglasses (if you have more than one pair), beach towels, etc. in this bag at all times.  Wash the towels and shove them right back in the bag.  Keep the bag in your car, closet, where ever it is convenient. 
2) Water - going alone?  No need for a cooler.  Freeze bottles of water and have one in the frig.  By the time you are ready for a second bottle - it's melted and ice cold.  Also tote the bottles back home and fill them up for next time.
3) Kids toys/floats/chairs - I don't have any kids but I have plenty o…

Hair Care

So I think like most chicks I am obsessed with my hair.  Currently my hair is at the longest it has been for a decade and I want to get a trim but live in fear of any length being cut off.  So instead I am obsessed with taking care of it and of course making it look good.  So here are some products I use and they really work.     1) Redken Quick Dry 18 Hairspray - Before trying this hairspray...I thought hairspray was hairspray no difference. Not only does this hairspray live up to it's name but it doesn't get stiff yet it holds great. I use this when I curl my hair with the curling iron. I'll curl my hair, style it and then spray it and tada....Kardashian Hair! When you first spray it on it seems like oh no stiff but within seconds it's the slight stiffness disappears. {Price - I only buy Redken products from Ulta when they run Buy 2 Get One Free - 14.95; if you don't have an Ulta - check your local salon that carries Redken they run sales too!}
2) Bed Head U…

Cut it out!

So when I decided to write this post - I was going to bash myself for what I considered a flaw I have but after doing some research I've decided that sometimes you do need to cut some people out of your life.  I'll admit that sometimes I am quick to pull the trigger but I think it's because I have had a lot of toxic people in my life and I'd rather just get it over with than continually putting up with the same old bs from this person on a day to day basis.  
Here's how:
1) What is this person's gift to your life?  We interact with people for reasons...what do you get from this person - words of wisdom, emotional support, helping hand, humor, confidence, etc.  Chances are if you feel like this person matters to your life then you are less likely to cut them loose.  However, if you ask yourself this question and you don't have a positive response - then chances are you need to cut them loose.
2) What direction is your life moving in?  Sometimes you arrive at a …

What's the Big Deal?

So if you are like me…getting a good deal is your passion in life.However, when is a deal a deal?There seems to be so many ways to “save” money but are you actually saving any money?
Coupons – They are all the rage at the moment.There are entire blogs and websites devoted to coupons.However you only save money when you use a coupon for something you need and usually buy.Coupons are like little cut out advertisements – they entice you to buy items that you don’t normally buy because you’ll say to yourself – “it’s okay I have a coupon for it.”Of course if you are a coupon queen and you are saving tons on every item you use – than good for you but in reality most people are just getting duped into buying crap they don’t need just because they have a coupon.
Clearance Items – This can be hit or miss.I’ve found some great deals on clearance of stuff I really needed and I’ve bought a lot of junk just because it was on clearance.For example, I used to buy tons of clothes from Target on clea…

Pool Time

So Sunday my sister Debra and my niece Kaelyn are coming over to go to the pool in my neighborhood. So since summer has apparently arrived here in Florida …. bring on the sunscreen.

Here are some common misconceptions regarding sunscreen:
Anything over 30 SPH is overkill – SPH 15 blocks about 93%. SPH 30 blocks about 97% and SPH 50 blocks about 98% - however the average person only puts on about a 10th of what they need. So if you are using SPH 50 you’re really only getting about SPH 2. Aim for the equivalent of 1 teaspoon for your face and 1 oz (shot glass) over your body (ummm maybe a little more than that if you have a larger body) every 2 hours. Basically an 8 0z tube should last you half a day. OMG I have sunscreen left over from last year – I totally wasn’t putting enough on. Sunblock & Water proof – Sunscreen is going to left some UV in just make sure you’re putting enough on and there’s no such thing as water-proof so once you get out of the water – load back up. You…

Chasing skirt!

So I saw a skirt in Self magazine, (click here to see it on Self's website) This skirt might as well be on a different planet.  There is no way to order it online and seriously the only way is to call the number listed on the article.  Call me crazy but for that kind of money it should be a lot easier to order - so I decided to search for something similar.

This is what I found...

It was on Target's website for $26.99 however they only had a size 2 left.  I found it on Amazon for $15 including shipping!  I can't wait to get it!


So you know me I’m always on some healthy kick. Well I read that Vitamin c can help you lose weight. Apparently it acts like a fat blocker and studies have showed that people who kept their usual routine but added 500 mg of Vitamin C lost weight. I have vitamin C at home and at work so I don’t forget to take it. I’ll keep you posted with my results. 
I also recently read that you can lose weight by drinking (2) 8 oz glasses of water right before you eat a meal. Common sense folks…the water takes up space in your stomach and you get fuller faster. Also, snacking can be cured with water. A lot of people confuse thirst for hunger. Also the more water you drink the less likely you are to drink soda, juice, Starbucks, etc. Water also fights fight bloating – even if you feel full from drinking the water within an hour or so you’llbe less puffy because the water flushes out salt and toxins.

Starbucks Irony

So as you all know, one of my bad habits is handing money over to Starbucks, as I stated in my earlier post, I have been making progress to kick this bad habit. Well good news from Starbucks….they are closing the location near my office and there will no longer be a Starbucks conveniently nearby so the irony here is 1) I've been trying to give it up and now Starbucks is helping me and 2) Starbucks has just recently released their tribute coffees and such thanking customers for 40 years of business and our location is closing. I seriously think it is because I haven’t handed over $200+ dollars a month to them for the last couple of months. I was apparently keeping the lights on over there. So long Starbucks I can’t say I will miss you.
I just have so many issues with Starbucks as well. My main issue is soy milk. Sure they offer it but at a price however if you want like 5 different milk options fill up your cup to the brim for FREE! Also, the prices keep going u…

Monkey on your back?

So we all have bad habits….mine as I have said is too much tv and going to Starbucks.  Bad habits can really be anything…nail biting, always saying yes instead of saying no like you want to, always being  5 minutes late, gossiping, facebook & twittering too much, over texting and of course things that are bad for your health like smoking, overeating, drinking and drug use. 
Here are some tips to help break a bad habit: Identify your bad habits:  Compare yourself to your value standards – are you living up to your standards?  Look for the things that you consistently do that don't live up to your own standards – those are your bad habits.Listen up:  There are two sides of us inside – think of it like the cartoons with the character with the little angel and devil on his shoulder questioning which one to listen to.  If you keep listening to the little devil – its voice just gets louder and louder.  Shut it up for good by consistently choosing the angel.Suck it up:  Power throug…

What's in your bag?

So recently I had a friend laugh when she reached in my bag to grab my car key for me.  She teased and said that I was like a little girl playing grown-up because my huge bag had three things in it...key, wallet and phone.  It is true that day I pulled out a bag from my closet and tossed in my cell and wallet and headed out of the house.  I will say that at the time I wasn't carrying a purse everyday.  I was just lugging my damask gym bag to work.  I recently got a new bag and I've been working on my blog at lunch so no need for the damask gym bag at the moment.  So here's what is currently in my bag....

1) This notebook contains my blogs in the works.  Basically it is a title with a brief outline of what direction I am looking for and then when I blog I just fine tune it.
2) My Ipod - I actually wore it all day at work - it really helped tuning out loud co-workers.  I also have some earplugs in my purse...I guess I forgot to pull them
3) My phone - love the co…

Party Time

So Saturday was Marissa's 5th Birthday Party.  It was quite a party.  There was a bounce house and even Grandma joined in the fun.  The party had a Barbie theme so what better than an actual Barbie cake.  There were fun party games like pin the sunglasses on Barbie and what was the prize?  You guess it...BARBIE!  
Here's some cute videos of Marissa driving Miss Kaelyn around in the Princess jeep.

So also at the party...I was getting ice out of the cooler and the lid came down and hit me in the face.  Look Taller - Shia almost broke her nose!

It hurt so bad when it happened and I felt sooooo STUPID!  Luckily no one was around.  The cut on my nose kinda looks like a big freckle so thankfully no one at work has said...what did you do to your nose.  Also, when it happened I kept my little nose is going to have a big bump in it.  I just kept feeling it and I was like okay no bump.
All in all Marissa had a great birthday.  She receive soooo many Barbie gifts.  I…

Me = Unproductive

I don't often think of myself as someone that lives an over extended life.  I don't have tons of deadlines to meet -- or do I?  I do often feel like I don't have enough time to do something or I feel like I waste a lot of time especially on the weekends.  My unstructured weekend time yields unproductive time.  For example, TV can really kill my productivity.  I am constantly getting sucked in to some marathon of episodes of whatever on TV.  Also, it doesn't help that I have to DVR every show I watch to watch on the weekends when Paul isn't home.  I feel like once I have wasted a good two or three hours watching TV I then feel like well I've wasted this much time I might as well continue.  Yesterday, I started off with good intentions.  I planned to watch one movie OnDemand then go about my day of blogging.  However, I ended up literally wasting the entire day in front of the TV.  I mean I had TONS of blogging I wanted to get done yet TV won. 
The only solution…

Marissa is FIVE!!!!

My niece, Marissa (aka Mini Shia), is five.  I can't believe how big she has gotten, it just seems like yesterday when my mom was calling me to tell me that Nicole was in labor.  When she was born and I held her for the first time I day you'll be riding in my car listening to music and chatting up a storm.  Well those days are here.  =)  I told her not to long go that one day she will be too cool to hang out with her Auntie Circle.  She told me that she'll be my best friend forever.  
1) This was her first ice cream cone...well her first taste of an ice cream was actually MY ice cream cone and I had the hardest time getting it back from her....she wasn't even 1 yet!
2) Cuteness at the pumpkin patch!
3) Marissa has won several beauty pageants this was her after her first one with all of her trophies and her crown.
4&5) Christmas pictures from last Christmas.  
Happy Birthday Marissa!!!! Love Auntie about now you start calling me Aunt…

Too funny & Had to Share

So, I saw in a magazine under one of those write in with your question and get an answer section the following question:
Is my husband up to something?
“My husband sent the following text to his secretary….You’re the best! and his secretary replied…I know!…LOL”  Is there something going on between them?
The answer was pathetic.  Like email/text slang…blah blah blah.  Honey, I am here to tell you that chances are like 99.9% since there is always that one hoe bag bringing us all down that NOTHING is going on!  I used to work with this attorney all the time and currently with one now that waits until the last moment to do ANYTHING and that is their condescending reply to saving their ass (you’re the best or you’re the bomb) and that is the FU response…(I know!).  Believe me…just because your husband is Mr. Wonderful to you…he’s probably the biggest pain in the ass to his secretary or assistant and believe me couldn’t be any more unattractive because of that reason!


Apparently, 78% of Americans admit to tossing beauty products in the garbage instead of recycling them.A lot of the plastics have the #1 and #2 symbol on them and can be recycled.OMG I AM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE THAT DON’T RECYCLE!!!This thought has crossed my mind in the past but then the fact that it’s all thrown in the bathroom bin with used tissues, etc. stops me from reaching in and fishing out the recyclables.So the solution to this problem is getting a bathroom recycle bin.Which I can honestly say seems like common sense.However, instead of going out and buying something to fill this need of a recycle bin.I am going to reuse something in my house currently as a recycle bin.I am thinking of using a shopping bag, you know when you go and buy clothes or whatever at your favorite store and they practically give you a plastic tote bag as a bag…one of those.I’ll post a picture of what I come up with later tonight.

Shia Knows Products - Skincare

So I am the queen of knowing what products work.  I've tried practically everything and if there's a convincing ad - I'll try it at least once.  My sisters and friends have received many of my cast offs.  The bathroom used to be a nightmare - there was just so much under the sink and most of it was I never used.  So I pick through it - throw away the absolute crap and then give the rest away.  Things still get a little out of hand but now everything under the sink is actual stuff I use.  I've really narrowed down the products I use and now I rarely buy something new to try because what I use REALLY works.  However, occasionally there will be a new product bought.  The other morning I was getting ready for work and there was a pretty deep line on my face near my eye.  The first thing I thought was OMG I need botox which I literally found hilarious because I disapprove of any sort of plastic surgery but realized that when it happens to you - you totally understand the d…

Singles vs. Doubles

So I heard on the radio, a news story about a woman suing her ex-fiancĂ© because he cheated on her at his bachelor party, so she is suing him for all the money she spent on wedding items, planning the ceremony and honeymoon.  The topic then lead to women giving men a last whore-rah (brilliantly funny..I know).  I'm not an expert, but I am thinking that if you need to give your man a last time to go out and hook up then your marriage isn't really built on the foundation of what it should be.  Being recently engaged (YAY), if I had to give more time to go out and hook up...I would say SEE YA {P.S. I'm keeping the ring}.  I just don't understand people that act like the single life is just loads of fun and so hard to give up.  Being single sucks which is why you painstakingly look for someone to marry!  Sure there can be exceptions to this rule, if you are in a bad marriage perhaps being single again is for you, but you're not going to be single forever you …

5k Madness

I made it!  It ended up being more like a 6k...5.85km which I did in......45 mins!  45 mins was my goal!  I'm not going to lie at times it was all I have to say now is....when is the next one?  I need to do it in 40 mins!


{click on the collage to see it bigger}
Last Sunday I went to the zoo with my sisters and all my nieces.  We had a blast.  Marissa and Leah wore their matching outfits I got them.  The whole time I kept saying....I should have gotten Kaelyn one too!  Kaelyn was so cute.  She kept saying I see I see...and when I would kneel down to look with her she would  kneel down too.  She would tell all of the animals...bye bye when we were leaving I think she thought they would actually say bye back.  Kaelyn peeking through the wood posts was hilarious....Debra leaned over to get the pic of her lil face smooshed between the posts.
Nicole asked me to stop on the way and get Leah some sunglasses!  They were the cutest thing ever!  She loved wearing them!  Leah was also wearing one of the bibs I made for said ... My Aunties love me!
Marissa and I walked around and I one point she was amazed that I knew all the words to "Lizard" of Oz.  I tried to explain to her that I've seen…

Shia & Paul's Three Year Anniversary....

We are engaged!!!

Resolution Revolution

{Writing Exercise #2}
New Year's resolutions make me never want to make a resolution again...why do we put so much emphasis on starting a new year with fixing everything that was wrong with last year.  We should really embrace each day and try to make each day anew instead of trying to revamp your life just because the year on the calendar changes so what ... what makes January more riotous than February through December?  Nothing.  If you need the new year to evolve into some new person and that is the only motivation you have I guess do what works for you.  However, like most people you'll break your resolution in under a week.  So I suggest taking some time and really thinking about your happiness, I set goals for myself all the time.  Only you know what will make you accountable.  So do yourself a favor and never use the new year as your reason for doing something - think of something more meaningful to use as your motivation and you'll be surprised on how fast you acco…

Cease the Monotony

{Writing Exercise #1} Sometimes I feel like a gerbil, running around and around on his wheel!  Each day I feel like I do the same thing over and over which is nonsense.  I feel that we all get so wrapped up on our day to day lives that we become insensitive to those around us.  I bet you can name three things that you've done recently to let someone down just because you were too busy with your day to day monotony.  Was it worth it?  Perhaps, our lives need to be ran more like a carousel....sure you are on that day to day wheel running around the same circles day in and day out but there's more excitement...there's the ups and the downs...there's music playing.  
I've really tried to make work less of my life.  I'm tired of getting up going to work and being exhausted when I go home and shoving life in on the weekends.  Weekends are never long enough, once you get a good pace's time to go back to work.  
I try to take a step back when I feel like I …


So I bought this book....

by Bonnie Neubauer
It's full of fun writing exercises....instead of writing them in a notebook I am going to post them!