Singles vs. Doubles

Friday, March 11, 2011

So I heard on the radio, a news story about a woman suing her ex-fiancé because he cheated on her at his bachelor party, so she is suing him for all the money she spent on wedding items, planning the ceremony and honeymoon.  The topic then lead to women giving men a last whore-rah (brilliantly funny..I know).  I'm not an expert, but I am thinking that if you need to give your man a last time to go out and hook up then your marriage isn't really built on the foundation of what it should be.  Being recently engaged (YAY), if I had to give more time to go out and hook up...I would say SEE YA {P.S. I'm keeping the ring}.  I just don't understand people that act like the single life is just loads of fun and so hard to give up.  Being single sucks which is why you painstakingly look for someone to marry!  Sure there can be exceptions to this rule, if you are in a bad marriage perhaps being single again is for you, but you're not going to be single forever you are going to go out and look for the next guy.  I just think that if you are even considering going outside of your relationship for anything than perhaps you're not with the right person.  I was single for a long time before I met Paul and sure in the beginning it was a HUGE adjustment.  Even before we moved in together, I can remember thinking where is my single me time?  Can't I just have a quiet lazy day alone?  Often now I think...what happens when we work the same schedule and he has weekends off too...I will never be alone!  It's like that Sex in the City episode when Carrie and Aiden move in together and she misses her "single me" time and when she gets it....she realizes she doesn't need it anymore which is my point.  I think if you or your significant other is like oh I miss going out and hooking up, I think there should be that moment when you realize ... no I don't need this anymore.  If you pass that point and are willing to go through with it than perhaps you're not as commited as you think and why would you want to be with someone that was willing to jeopardize your relationship.  Also, women that say...oh I am fine if he wants to go out and hook up one last time...I am not the jealous type or I am totally secure with our relationship blah blah blah it is just the lie that they are telling themselves so they don't lose it - classic case of low self esteem that convinces them self that they have SO MUCH self esteem that they would let someone make them look like a fool to prove it.  Having self esteem is being able to say....SEE YA YOU PIG!  Try spending some more time together or spicing things up.  There are better ways to save your relationship than giving someone a pass to cheat.  Remember - if you're best friend told you her man wanted to do this - you would say HELL NO!  Practice what you preach!!!

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