Party Time

Monday, March 21, 2011

So Saturday was Marissa's 5th Birthday Party.  It was quite a party.  There was a bounce house and even Grandma joined in the fun.  The party had a Barbie theme so what better than an actual Barbie cake.  There were fun party games like pin the sunglasses on Barbie and what was the prize?  You guess it...BARBIE!  

Here's some cute videos of Marissa driving Miss Kaelyn around in the Princess jeep.

So also at the party...I was getting ice out of the cooler and the lid came down and hit me in the face.  Look Taller - Shia almost broke her nose!

It hurt so bad when it happened and I felt sooooo STUPID!  Luckily no one was around.  The cut on my nose kinda looks like a big freckle so thankfully no one at work has said...what did you do to your nose.  Also, when it happened I kept my little nose is going to have a big bump in it.  I just kept feeling it and I was like okay no bump.

All in all Marissa had a great birthday.  She receive soooo many Barbie gifts.  I told her it took me YEARS to build my Barbie empire and it only took her a day.  I guess Barbie world came be built in a day!  It was so cute seeing her play with her Barbie stuff.  She had her own little stories going on.  It was too cute!

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