Pool Time

Friday, March 25, 2011

So Sunday my sister Debra and my niece Kaelyn are coming over to go to the pool in my neighborhood. So since summer has apparently arrived here in Florida …. bring on the sunscreen.

Here are some common misconceptions regarding sunscreen:
  1. Anything over 30 SPH is overkill – SPH 15 blocks about 93%. SPH 30 blocks about 97% and SPH 50 blocks about 98% - however the average person only puts on about a 10th of what they need. So if you are using SPH 50 you’re really only getting about SPH 2. Aim for the equivalent of 1 teaspoon for your face and 1 oz (shot glass) over your body (ummm maybe a little more than that if you have a larger body) every 2 hours. Basically an 8 0z tube should last you half a day. OMG I have sunscreen left over from last year – I totally wasn’t putting enough on. 
  2. Sunblock & Water proof – Sunscreen is going to left some UV in just make sure you’re putting enough on and there’s no such thing as water-proof so once you get out of the water – load back up. 
  3. You only need sunscreen in the summer – sadly untrue – UV is always out no matter what time of the year and even on cloudy days. 
  4. Sunscreen cures wrinkles – It can help reduce wrinkles but of course if it was a cure all – why would they make wrinkle cream? Just take care of your skin and you’ll age gracefully.
So put on your sunscreen and enjoy the nice weather!

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