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Monday, March 21, 2011

I don't often think of myself as someone that lives an over extended life.  I don't have tons of deadlines to meet -- or do I?  I do often feel like I don't have enough time to do something or I feel like I waste a lot of time especially on the weekends.  My unstructured weekend time yields unproductive time.  For example, TV can really kill my productivity.  I am constantly getting sucked in to some marathon of episodes of whatever on TV.  Also, it doesn't help that I have to DVR every show I watch to watch on the weekends when Paul isn't home.  I feel like once I have wasted a good two or three hours watching TV I then feel like well I've wasted this much time I might as well continue.  Yesterday, I started off with good intentions.  I planned to watch one movie OnDemand then go about my day of blogging.  However, I ended up literally wasting the entire day in front of the TV.  I mean I had TONS of blogging I wanted to get done yet TV won. 

The only solution to this problem is planning out my weekend time with a schedule.  Weekdays are productive because there is a start and finish to my day and if I want or need to get something done I schedule it on my mental or calendared things to do.  On weekends, I am more of the go with the flow type.  If I have something to do, I'll go and do it but when I don't feel like I have anything I have to do....nothing gets done.  One change I plan on making immediately to my weekend time is when I wake up...I plan to get ready for the day i.e. get dressed, do my hair/makeup and then go I normally would on a weekday.  Because not only does nothing get done with watching TV I will then say screw it if I have to get ready to go somewhere once a couple hours go by.  

Also, I think I need to start thinking of my writing as a job.  How can I ever become a freelance writer if I don't put the time in.  I need to get concrete ideas and writings going so I can start submitting them.  I have tons of blog topics at the moment so I have TONS of stuff to write about yet nothing is getting done.  

So starting this weekend I am literally going to have a weekend schedule.  I am going to keep a little notebook in my purse and throughout the week I am going to schedule times to do certain things and then do them.  I normally have one day of the weekend where I have plans to meet up with people or family but if I have a day without anything to do....TV here I come, so from now on I am going to schedule my free days with stuff to do!  Next Monday I'll post about how my new weekend scheduling worked out!  Stay Tuned!

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