Resolution Revolution

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Writing Exercise #2}

New Year's resolutions make me never want to make a resolution again...why do we put so much emphasis on starting a new year with fixing everything that was wrong with last year.  We should really embrace each day and try to make each day anew instead of trying to revamp your life just because the year on the calendar changes so what ... what makes January more riotous than February through December?  Nothing.  If you need the new year to evolve into some new person and that is the only motivation you have I guess do what works for you.  However, like most people you'll break your resolution in under a week.  So I suggest taking some time and really thinking about your happiness, I set goals for myself all the time.  Only you know what will make you accountable.  So do yourself a favor and never use the new year as your reason for doing something - think of something more meaningful to use as your motivation and you'll be surprised on how fast you accomplish your goals.

New Day Resolution for writing - 

Within the next 24 hours I will resolve to use a thesaurus more and increase my writing vocabulary even if I have to use a everyday word and then go back and edit posts for some finesse.  

Note to blog readers - Unfortunately, the first two exercises focused on things I have already written about - however I peaked ahead and there is good stuff on it's bare with me.

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