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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So, I saw in a magazine under one of those write in with your question and get an answer section the following question:

Is my husband up to something?

“My husband sent the following text to his secretary….You’re the best! and his secretary replied…I know!…LOL”  Is there something going on between them?

The answer was pathetic.  Like email/text slang…blah blah blah.  Honey, I am here to tell you that chances are like 99.9% since there is always that one hoe bag bringing us all down that NOTHING is going on!  I used to work with this attorney all the time and currently with one now that waits until the last moment to do ANYTHING and that is their condescending reply to saving their ass (you’re the best or you’re the bomb) and that is the FU response…(I know!).  Believe me…just because your husband is Mr. Wonderful to you…he’s probably the biggest pain in the ass to his secretary or assistant and believe me couldn’t be any more unattractive because of that reason!

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