Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apparently, 78% of Americans admit to tossing beauty products in the garbage instead of recycling them.  A lot of the plastics have the #1 and #2 symbol on them and can be recycled.  OMG I AM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE THAT DON’T RECYCLE!!!   This thought has crossed my mind in the past but then the fact that it’s all thrown in the bathroom bin with used tissues, etc. stops me from reaching in and fishing out the recyclables.  So the solution to this problem is getting a bathroom recycle bin.  Which I can honestly say seems like common sense.  However, instead of going out and buying something to fill this need of a recycle bin.  I am going to reuse something in my house currently as a recycle bin.  I am thinking of using a shopping bag, you know when you go and buy clothes or whatever at your favorite store and they practically give you a plastic tote bag as a bag…one of those.  I’ll post a picture of what I come up with later tonight.

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