Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So recently I saw an article titled Cheating with Food and I was intrigued. I thought - OMG I cheat with food. First let me say that a while back I was afraid that I had food issues and that I might be a food addict. I mean I even checked out a book from the library and was about to self diagnosed myself as a food addict. However, after reading the book I of course discovered that I was not but when I saw this article I thought OMG this is ME! Face it we all have people in our lives that we feel we have to live up to a certain standard for and we hide stuff in an effort to not disappoint them. For example, I have a sweet tooth but I refrain from sweets. However, when I have a craving for it I have hid it from Paul as if having a craving for sweets make me some sort of deviant. Also, the fact that I refrain, want it and then have to hide it made me eat WAY more of it than I would ever do normally. It's seriously like having to get rid of any evidence of it. So recently (and actually before reading this article) I decided to stop all the nonsense and just buy what I wanted and leave the rest in plain view. I bought a pint of ice cream - ate some and put the rest in the freezer. There of course was no reason to hide it. There were no accusatory demands on why I ate the ice cream. Also, face it you have cravings. I mean he has them too. He'll buy chocolate, he recently made brownies (sugar free OMG nasty) and remember all those "chocolate chip cookies" I was making every weekend. So there's no reason to hide it. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. Plus it's much more satisfying when you can eat it without all the added guilt and worry. Ironically, just as I am finishing this post - Paul goes to the frig and pulls out some chocolate!

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