A Woman's Right to Shoes .... Still

Friday, May 13, 2011

So occasionally I like to look on Saks website ... you know and dream.  So I saw the manolos in the upper left photo on their website (click here) for $719.00!!!  OMG these shoes are still on sale and now they are MORE EXPENSIVE?!?  They were featured in Season 6 Part 1 in the episode "A woman's right to shoes".  Carrie goes to a baby shower and is told to take off her shoes.  At the end of the night her shoes are gone and she has to walk home in some old sneakers that belonged to the host.  

And then.....

Needless to say in the end...

This episode was great on so many levels.  I hate when people are smug.  It doesn't happen just in regards to many times have I don't understand because you're not married.  Right because my three year, fully committed, living together, own our home relationship is completely different than yours because you have a piece of paper and a different last name.

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