Smelly Day

Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday can just be summed up as a collection of smells.  

1) In the morning I get on the elevator in the parking garage with a woman whose smell can only be described as if she soaked in a vat of sun tan lotion.  The coconut smell was so potent that I thought 1) I will never be able to enjoy that beachy/pool smell again and 2) OMG I am about to throw up.  I tried to lose her after the painful ride down the elevator only to be caught in her smell as I walked into the building and I got trapped on the elevator with her AGAIN!  I felt it rude to stand in there with my nose plugged so instead I tried to do my best at breathing out of my mouth and holding my breath.  I was happy when her floor arrived before mine.  

2) When a co-worker I had our morning chit chat she said to smell so clean.  I joked that I had taken my "yearly bath" but really it is that Ocean Pacific perfume that is making a come back into my fragrances. Everyone always comments on how nice it is when I wear it.  Over the weekend, I went to the Outlets to meet up with my sister Debra and my niece Kaelyn.  I went into a perfume store ready to buy a big bottle.  This store had it marked $50 with 50% off to make it $25.  I said no thanks.  The saleswoman actually said to me...why not?  I replied, I saw the same size bottle at Ross for $12.99!  Her response, Well!  Yeah, not so cheap those outlets.

3) So right after my compliment from my co-worker, I apparently get a paper cut unbeknownst to me and I proceed in bleeding all over my white shirt.  So, I borrow a Tide Pen from my friend which STINKS like throw up.  So now I am walking around in a bloody shirt and smell like vomit.  I then decide to buy my own Tide Pen.   She said hers was old so maybe the new one will smell better.  Nope ~ Tide Pens just smell like throw up for some reason.  So not only did I have to enjoy the rest of my day in my dirty "clean smell" was gone.

4) When returning from running to the shop across the street to buy the Tide Pen, I run into this woman in the building who literally smells like an ash tray.  How many cigarettes to you have to smoke in order to smell like an ash tray and not care?  I am thinking QUITE A FEW!  Not only is cigarette smoking the nastiest habit in the world but no amount of perfume is going to cover up that horrible smell.  

So that was my Thursday ... the smelliest day I have had.  

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