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Monday, May 9, 2011

So recently I saw on Glamour's website an article for $50 and under (with regards to Coral outfits).  Click here to see the article.


Cute right?  So I thought I would buy this....

So I went to the Old Navy website and found in on sale for $7.99.  Just gets better and better right?  First I read some of the reviews....

Way to long
I just received this today in the Coral color and it’s gorgeous. The fabric is soft and comfy and the detailing is very pretty but it is so long! I’m 5’6 about 135 and usually wear a medium. This hits me mid thigh and the tie which I assume would be around my waist sits very low on my hips (below the waist band of my jeans). I’m going to try and shrink it otherwise I’ll probably lose the tie and wear it with leggings.

Not what I expected
This top is way too long; I could almost wear it as a dress. It was also very loose and a bit see through.

Not Flattering
I loved this shirt when I first saw it, but when I tried it on it was completely different that what I expected. Too long & belt is too low. The belt ties around the top of my pants and makes me look much heavier and its unflattering. But instead of returning it, I may just wear it to the beach in the summer over my bathing suit.

My thoughts .... this chick doesn't like it so telling herself that she will just wear it to the beach over her bathing suit sounds like a logicial way of making it work....but think about it...she hates it....she will never wear it!  If you don't like something take it back or get rid of it.  Don't let it stay in your closet haunting you forever on how it was a good idea but not good in reality.

I want to love this top but there are a few things that I just can’t get over 1) the eyelet ruffles at the shoulder are so stiff and rigid, it almost looks silly. They stick out much more than they appear to in the photo, 2) the tie-belt was far below my actual wait and I’m fairly tall and have a long torso and 3) the armholes are HUGE, even in the XS. I would definitely need a cami underneath, if I was going to keep it.

So I thought I would head to the store and see what it looks like in person and how it fits.

I totally agree with all of the comments above.  This shirt is HUGE, the arm holes are HUGE and the belt is oddly positioned too low on the shirt.

Very thin material - would be a nightmare to get wrinkles out.
The arm holes remind me of when guys cut t-shirts into work out wear.

This shirt is so long I couldn't even get the top of it in this photo to show how ridiculously low the belt is.

This is it in navy blue.  I wanted to try on a black one but it had what looked like an oil stain on it.  REALLY?!?  Someone is going to purchase that and NEVER wear it because this shirt is ridiculously sized and the stain on it!

So I'm not necessarily stating to never listen to Glamour...just do your homework before you just buy something and sometimes a trip to the store is worth it. Taller for example got a great deal...

This dress was also on Glamour's website for Cute Spring Dresses for Under $100. (Click here to read)  It states that it is on sale online for $59.99.  Then I saw a chick at work wearing it.  She said she got it at Urban Outfitters for $20!  I then told her how I saw it online at sometimes going to the store is worth the time and the gas money!!

So do your own investigating when you see something advertised that you want and try to find a deal.  It will make that item even better when you know that you did your homework and got it on sale!

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