What's in your shower?

Friday, July 20, 2012

1) Hair remover - I get this at the dollar store for you guess it ... $1.  It works just as well as Nair and all those other brands.  I don't use the plastic scraper it comes with because let's face it ... those things don't even work with Nair so I use it with a razor and my legs are super smooth for days.

2) Netrogena Sugar Scrub (Citrus) - I love this stuff for summer.  It's a great way to exfoliate and it smells fresh.

3) Foot scrub and bar soaps - Paul says my "girly" soaps don't work on him ... so he uses Dove Men Bar Soap.  

4) Redken Blonde Glam - this stuff is awesome on my highlights ... see HERE for my past review.

5) Okay this one might be TMI ... but I love this fem wash. 

6) Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner - I love this stuff ... click HERE to see my past review.

7) Mint Julep Facial Scrub - I just recently started using this and love it.  I made the switch because what I used to use reduced the product size but not the price - see my previous rant HERE.  Back in the day I used to use a mint wash from Benefit.  I loved it and it was like $24 and I willing handed over my money for it because I swore it did awesome things for my skin.  Well now for a mere $3 to $4 I am getting the same benefits as the Benefit stuff.  Oh btw ... they discontinued it and I was devasted.  This was like eons before my blog so no rants to link to.
Benefit Mint Wash - Discontinued

8) Dial Body Wash in Lavender - I am obsessed with Lavender.  I totally believe it helps with stress plus it smells wonderful.

9) Biore Face Wash - said face wash that I will NEVER purchase again due to rant link on #7.  Ever since I switched to that Mint Julep I haven't even touched the old stuff.  I haven't had a break out in ages.  I really think mint is better for your skin than salicylic acid!

10) John Frieda Sheer Blonde - again - lightening my hair and have highlights - this stuff works great.

11) Can barely see - my razor peeking out behind the biore stuff.  
I really think this is the best woman's razor.
I barely get any nicks and I don't have to sweep over
the same area 100 times and one razor head lasts a pretty
good amount of time.  I buy them from Sams - much cheaper!!

Okay so that is what is in my shower.  Okay I lie there are some things missing ... I've added a few items since these pics were taken.  

I've been using the John Frieda color renew to get out some brassiness from my hair
and I love this conditioner ... right now more than All Soft ... see review HERE.
I know what you are thinking ... this is a lot of stuff.  
(In my defense the liters of Redken All Soft are used up and gone.)
Believe me Paul tells me ALL THE TIME!
But at least if I keep them organized he complains less.

So what about you ... what's in your shower?
Do you have a lot going on in there like me?

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