Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've gone literally months without this shampoo and conditioner. You know me girl proud to be on a budget wasn't going to pay full price for it since I know it goes on sale at Ulta for half off plus with the $3.50 off coupon from the sale ad it makes these liters CHEAP. You can only use one coupon at a time so I am literally swinging by on my way home each night stocking up. Paul even went to Ulta for me! I cannot stress to you enough if you have white girl fro like me you should DEFINITELY try this or heck if you just want the softest hair in the world!

I know this sounds insane but I can't risk running out ever again. My hair has been so healthy since I started using All Soft (NO SPLIT ENDS PEOPLE...NONE!!) and since I was out and wasn't going to buy it full price I wasn't left with a lot of options. Drug store cheapy? Heck no! I can't undo all the greatness that has come from using it. So I ended up buying some organic shampoo and conditioner from Whole Foods. It was horrible. After shampooing my hair seriously felt like straw and the conditioner was no help. On to plan B. I was at the grocery store and noticed on the end cap that they sold Bed Head products which is what I used before All Soft and there was conditioner for 9.99! Holla! I get to the checkout and it rings up like $20. Hold up it said $9.99...the cashier went to check and apparently they stocked the shelf wrong but the deal at this grocery store is if it doesn't ring up how it's posted .... it's FREE! So finally Shia caught a break with this haircare fiasco. So I have been gingerly using the organic shampoo and loading down my hair with the Moisture Manic Bed Head conditioner and waiting and WAITING for this sale to finally come. Now you can see the method of my madness of getting as many of these liters as possible with the $3.50 coupon!

So last night, I finally got to use All Soft shampoo and conditioner and hair is sooooo soft again. Oh how I missed you old friend....

What shampoo & conditioner do you love?


  1. It might be on sale too there is Matrix stuff included. Do you have an Ulta near you?

  2. somehow I totally missed this post even though I saw you creating it! lol you have all the right to copy me because I am a total copy cat of you! hehe


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