New Ducklings!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

So after the otter sightings I kept checking to see if they had swam back.  No otters but there's a new duck with four little ducklings.  I told Paul that I think it's one of the babies from the first 12 all grown up.  She was very friendly and not scared at all.  I think it's because she grew up in my backyard and knows where the food is at.
At first she was just checking the backyard out.  I ran and got some crackers.
When I came back she was still in the yard and her little ducklings were in the water.  At first I got worried about that "halk" showing up and snatching them, so I was hesitant to distract her with food.  But she started quacking and they were quacking back to her.  It was as if she was telling them that the coast was clear.
They swam around quacking back.
Still quacking.
She went out to get them!
She brought them to the grass!
Little ducklings hiding behind mama!
I kept trying to throw a cracker away so she would move but those little ducklings are QUICK!
Here's a video I took...

They're just super cute!  I think our little retention pond will have generations of these ducks forever!

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  1. love love the video!! those ducks are too cute! we used to have geese on our back porch all the time that knew our porch had the best bread...your ducklings will grow up knowing you are who to go to for treats!


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