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Rip me off? I don't think so!

So back in October I told you all about a face wash I was using.  (Click HERE)

This is the "old" packaging...see how much you get 6.25 oz.

Well this is the "new" packaging....


um 4.5 oz for the same price??
That's messed up!

So I went to their website and under Contact Us...
I left a little message about how I don't appreciate them
trying to sell me something in a new bottle with less product
and call it their "new look" and that the sad part is that 
they will inevitably get away with it because most people will just
be blinded by the new packaging and not notice that they are getting less.

So this is their response.....

Thank you for contacting us about Biore Warming Blackhead Cleanser.

We understand that price plays an important role in consumer decisions. It takes some very special ingredients to get the warming sensation that you experience when you use this product and we made a business decision that allowed us to continue to deliver those same amazing effects.

We hope that you continue to enjoy this cleanser and we will let our Marketing team know of your comments.


Consumer Care Center
Kao Brands Company
Ban Bioré Curel Jergens John Frieda
My response was....
What kind of excuse is that for selling the same thing in a smaller "new" package?  "Very special ingredients" ~ what am I five?  I appreciate your response to my email but I will be switching to a new brand.

So as you can see from that last post...
I didn't really like the Aveeno or the St. Ives...
what kind of face wash do you use?

Are you okay with getting ripped off?


  1. oooh, that's so frustrating! I hate things like that (recently ice cream companies have been selling smaller containers for the same price too)

    Facewash wise, I use Philosophy's Purity wash and really like it. Good luck on your quest for a new cleanser!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  2. Mal ~ YES! So true! Ice cream brands are totally ripping people off too!! Thanks for the suggestion...I might try that...going to check to see if it has that salicylic acid.

    Happy Friday!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. Don't you just hate it when companies do that!? You just get to liking their product and then it disappears or they re-formulate it or some such thing!

    I've recently began using Giovanni D:Tox system and so far, so good. ;-D

  4. Thanks Rissi ~ I'll keep my eye out for that!

    ♥ Shia

  5. I use Clinique 3-step skincare and have used it for years. I love it! The only time I ever had break outs was when I tried switching brands a couple years ago. It costs a little more but SO worth it. I can't believe Biore did that! And I'm sure they were surprised that someone actually noticed, ha!

  6. When it comes down to it, (as much as I hate to say this) I really don't mind getting ripped off IF (and ONLY if) this is a product that I LOOOOOVE and CAN'T even imagine my life without. If I can't duplicate it, and I really love it- I may still buy it if it is only a small difference. But I know that it's frustrating, and if you feel like what this did is wrong (it is!) then just don't buy from them anymore:)


  7. Asha ~ Thanks for reminding me about Clinque I thought about trying that 3 step process a few years ago and then never did...maybe this is my chance.

    ♥ Shia

  8. Aki! ~ I hear what your saying...if you love it...suck it up. But I think that is PRECISELY why they know they can get away with it...they already have me on the hook so they think...ah she'll just take it. This is why I wrote the initial email. I don't appreciate their sneaky behavior and I can live without it so I will =)

    Thanks again for the blog post is scheduled for tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

    ♥ Shia

  9. ugh that sucks! i use clean and clear and it is a regular bottle and not a lot of product but it has 10% benozoyl peroxide wash. I used to have a prescription for it and this is the only OTC product I can get i get suckered into buying it! but it works!


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