Which one is better?

Friday, October 28, 2011

A) Aveeno Clear Complexion $7.49
B) St. Ives Apricot Scrub $3.99
C) Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser $7.49

So I've tried all of these products.  They all have typically the same ingredients and all include 2% salicylic acid {which I believe is the cure for nasty pimples}.

Here are my thoughts....

Aveeno - smells nice but it kinda feels like you're washing your face with Noxzema {without the smell and the burn} it just doesn't lather up and when you're done you still feel like you need to wash your face, it does have a few exfoliating beads in it but all in just doesn't get the job done.

St. Ives - it's been around for FOREVER but it lacks modern sophistication - the exfoliating beads are so rough you could use it on your feet to remove calluses.  It also doesn't later up and in the end you just feel like you have sand on your face that you can't get off.  

Biore - hands down the winner!  This stuff works great and because of the warming effect it really gets down deep in your pores.  It smells great, the exfoliating beads do their job and it lathers up well.  Your face definitely feels fresh and clear afterwards.  Here's the tricky can't always find the warming one but the good news is the non-warming face wash works just as well.  

I've been using Biore for about 2 years and St. Ives was BOGO at our local grocery store so I bought it then immediately had 3 nasty pimples that I haven't gotten in FOREVER but before I switched back for good I thought I would try the Aveeno since I like the shampoo and conditioner [click {here} for the post].  I'm definitely going back to Biore.

I pulled these prices from {Ulta does put all of these on sale}.  I think I paid a little less for all of these at good ol' Walmart.  Have you tried any of these?  If so, what did you think?  Do you use something different?


  1. Thanks for your follow!I'm following back :)

  2. I've never been a fan of Aveeno products. I've never tried any of their facial washes, but I didn't like their lotion so I didn't try anything else.

    I like St. Ives scrub, but I have very oily skin so that might make a difference.

    And I love Biroe black head strips. I've been eying their other products. For a while now, I'm going to check them out.

  3. hi gorgeous!

    ITS FRIDAY! yay

    Biore products are amazing!
    I use the face wash after I
    remove my make up and leaves
    my face clean and fresh


    any plans this weekend?

    [♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥]
    Have A Great Weekend!


    [♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥]

  4. i LOVE Biore i just went and bought some on friday =) lols

  5. The only one I've tried is St. Ives and I have to say I love the scrubbies... ... for my arms. Haha, you're right, they're really harsh.

  6. I use biore and love it. I also have clean and clear but the ones I use they are discontinuing. I like a good warming one though, but I don't get blackheads.

  7. I've a St. Ives fan! I have very dry skin and it's great for properly exfoliating.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  8. I have completely given up on St Ives, I do love some Biore when it is on sale =D


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