The Monster at the End of this Book

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When I was young...I LOVED this book!
I saw that it was Starbucks Pick of the 
Week App and had to share.
You can download it for free on
itunes until December 9, 2011!
The Download Code is 4THKMXYN93PN!

I really wanted to download it for my nieces
...but I don't have an iphone, ipad or a ipod touch =(
and it doesn't appear to just run through itunes so
I guess I'll have to just share it with my nieces
old school know....A BOOK!

What was one of your favorite childhood books?


  1. I've never read this book before. I need to download this for my daughter she loves books so much but what kid doesn't. Thanks for sharing.


  2. My mom sent me this I thought I would post it as her comment.....

    Just opened your blog and saw that book and I laughed. I read that to you so much, I could not figure out if you knew it from memory or if you were actually reading it.

    ♥ Mom

  3. Me too! Gosh, so many, I learned to read when I was 3!
    And thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  4. i loved this book when i was little. then again, i taught myself to read when i was like 4, so i read whatever i could get my hands on♥

    thanks for the heads up!

  5. aww childhood memories!

    how cute!
    sucks you couldnt download it

    happy hump day love!


  6. Melu ~ The funniest thing is...I actually considered getting an ipod touch today until I realized....I can just buy them the book for WAY LESS

    Elle ~ You're welcome...I hope you had a great bday!

    Jackie ~ You're welcome! I know your daughter will love it!!

    Cubette ~ Props on teaching yourself to read =)

    Thank you all for your comments!

    ♥ Shia

  7. Why did i never read this- i feel as though i was cheated during my childhood haha xx

  8. OMG! That was my husband's favorite book, too! I work at Bux and I never even see the "picks". haha Thanks for sharing the code for this one! :)


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