It's okay Thursday #2

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its Ok Thursdays
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It's okay...
1) to feel like a complete waste of a blogger for not having a Wednesday post.
2) to feel super unproductive at the same time as super busy.
3) to not care the outcome of the FL/GA game this weekend because college is starting to feel as far away as high school.
4) to buy a Twix to meet that $5 purchase amount and keep it in your desk drawer for "emergencies".
5) to wish for November to be here so you can turn the calendar away from seeing where you had marked your vacation at the beginning of October....wasn't that the best time...too bad I am now sitting at work...ugh stop reminding me!
6) to have NO CLUE when the time falls back until like the day or two before hand....why do we keep doing this?
7) to wake up in the morning and think of how you can get away with not brushing your hair.
8) to already be late for work and then hit up Mickey D's for a chicken biscuit...what's 5 more mins? {oh wait my boss reads this...oh well...LOL}
9) to not care that my boss reads this...I mean I care but you know what is done is done.
10) to feel like the week has flown by but it's also going slow....yeah I know crazy...but that is seriously how I am feeling today like OMG it is THURSDAY it FRIDAY yet?!?

Well I hope you enjoyed this list...I promise great blogs to come.  My time management is all out of whack because of new projects AND Paul wanting me to go look for my new car EVERY night after work {this will be over soon because I think I have finally decided what I am going to I have...LOL}!

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