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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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A tip from House to Home...use a bright shade of color but don't paint all the way up to the top. I feel like when you look at this room you see all the prettiness and at first you don't notice the undone bit but once you focus on it ... it's all you can see.  What do you think?  Do or don't?

A least you don't have to put up all that painting tape and worry about edges and straight lines but don't you think you would have to tell anyone that visits you..."No it is SUPPOSED to be that way."

So do you have any undone remodeling around your house?  If so, here's a new's not is a new trend that you have done on purpose!


  1. I like how it looks in the photo, but don't think I could have it in my home, I think the unfinished look would drive me crazy after awhile (and people questioning it too)

  2. i couldn't messy or undone drives me crazy!!! my house is currently undergoing renovations and it's taking forever =/

  3. I absolutly LOVE how that how that room looks!
    I wish it was mine. It looks so fresh welcoming :)

  4. no this is definitely a nono for me
    me and my ocd

    i see that undone wall and i
    would have an axiety attack lol

    i like things to be even and

    Did you ever see my room?
    I have one wall in turquoise
    and the other one is black
    and white stripes take a look:

    hope you like it :D


  5. Sorry to say but I feel like it just looks as though someone got too lazy to finish!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  6. That would drive me crazy. I would just sit and look at the unfinished parts.

  7. I agree...undone part would drive me insane!


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