Is there a monkey on your back?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Originally Posted on March 23, 2011

So we all have bad habits….mine as I have said is too much tv and going to Starbucks.  Bad habits can really be anything…nail biting, always saying yes instead of saying no like you want to, always being  5 minutes late, gossiping, facebook & twittering too much, over texting and of course things that are bad for your health like smoking, overeating, drinking and drug use. 

Here are some tips to help break a bad habit:
  1. Identify your bad habits:  Compare yourself to your value standards – are you living up to your standards?  Look for the things that you consistently do that don't live up to your own standards – those are your bad habits.
  2. Listen up:  There are two sides of us inside – think of it like the cartoons with the character with the little angel and devil on his shoulder questioning which one to listen to.  If you keep listening to the little devil – its voice just gets louder and louder.  Shut it up for good by consistently choosing the angel.
  3. Suck it up:  Power through the initial pain.  The first couple of days are the worst – it will get easier over time.  However, once it starts getting easier and you start making real progress on kicking that bad habit…don’t get complacent or you’ll slip right back into your bad habit.
  4. Make no exceptions:  once you start don’t kid yourself with “one last time bull”.  No cheating of any kind stick with it – you can do it.
  5. Replace your bad habit with a good habit:  For example, if you’re planning on cutting out soda – drink more water, etc. just make your new habit doable don’t set yourself up for failure.  Subbing is not your fail-safe the bad habit is still lurking waiting to make its comeback so choose your new habit wisely. 
  6. Lose your bad habit in 30 days!:  It’s not proven how long it exactly takes to kick your bad habit to the curb so if you think it’s taking you forever – just remember you’re giving it up for forever…that’s a long time so stop looking at the calendar and just keep going.
  7. Fall off the wagon?:   If you fall off get right back on.  Don’t beat yourself up – you’re only human.  Just step back and assess the situation.  What made you fall off?  How can you avoid falling off again? Just remember….YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
What's your bad habit?  Have you tried to kick it?  Any luck?


  1. Great post, thank you for the step by steps.
    I was a serious nail biter a few years ago, then about two years ago I stopped but only really got into nail care and polish etc when I started blogging. Now because of all the pretty colours out there I always keep them polished so they look too nice too bite! x

  2. i used to bite my nails too!
    horrible horrible ... i had that
    bad habit since i was five and it was hard to let go as an adult. Thanks God i stopped a year ago .. i try to keep them nice and colored at all times to avoid going back to that. Sometimes i start to do it all over again and thats when i go get acrylics lol i cant stand my hands looking horrible!



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