Tights ARE NOT Skinny Jeans!!

Friday, October 14, 2011




Seriously, we are about to have a little heart to heart...gather around...sit in the circle...can I have your attention please...shush now and listen...okay I am here to tell you that...YOU CAN NOT WEAR TIGHTS as PANTS, SKINNY JEANS, OR ANY OTHER LOWER BODY FORM OF COVER UP.  Tights are for UNDER your outfit {wear with a shorter dress THAT COVERS YOUR BUM or with a longer shirt....THAT COVERS YOUR BUM}...they are NOT a stand alone feature....{don't interrupt} doesn't matter if you are SKINNY or can SEE THROUGH THEM!!!!  Meaning....EVERYONE CAN SEE ALL OF YOUR LADY BITS!!!!!!

Yesterday, as I was walking to lunch, I saw a girl off in the distance.  She appeared to have forgotten to put on her pants {and panties} ... it appeared that she only had a t-shirt on and I gasped and turned to my friend and pointed and said LOOOOOOOK!  As we got closer, I noticed that she did in fact have something "covering" her lower portion...she had on flesh toned tights!  Not only could you see through made her look naked from the waist down.  Tons of people were stopping and staring and POINTING!  I looked at my friend and's like that magazine that sends someone out of the street in an embarrassing outfit to see how people will react.  I felt like it HAD to be a set up....NO ONE IS THAT DELUSIONAL!!!  {Sadly ...she was and SOOOO many are!}

Now my lovelies....I know that you all have more respect for yourself than this but if you have done this {by mistake ... of course} please make sure that you NEVER EVER make this mistake EVER again...{group hug}!


  1. I am cracking up because you know me too well, I was always told to shut it during story time as a child ;) GOOD POINT. Leggings show you LEGS ladies..cover up that rear!

  2. I agree and always have! This is a growing trend, I started seeing this in high school and it has just gotten worse..tights are tights its all cute and fun if your top covers your but if it doesn't..theirs a problem lol

  3. HA! I was feeling down because my quest for the 4s ended in failuer (have to wait until Wednesday) but this true and funny post cheered me up!

  4. I've been waiting for someone to do a post like this, thank you, yes for goodness sake stop wearing tights as pants! The pictures are hilarious!


  5. oh god how gross!!!

    i totally agree with you
    tights should go under a long
    shirt or skirt or whatever
    but hey please don't make us
    stare .. cause you know ...

    and if they do decide to wear
    them with a short shirt or
    anything that will show your
    apple bottom .. make sure is
    the expensive tights .. the
    ones they are so thick they
    hold everything together
    for ya :) i have some of those
    and you can wear them however
    you want .. cause you dont run
    the risk of showing your undies!

    have a lovely weekend amiga!


  6. Thank you for your lovely comment hun, glad the manicure went well and thank you for telling the other girl about my blog, that is super kind. Can't wait to see your Monday manicure! x

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment hun, glad the manicure went well and thank you for telling the other girl about my blog, that is super kind. Can't wait to see your Monday manicure! x

  8. I can't stop laughing, but sad enough my boyfriend thinks leggings and pants are the same. He keeps putting leggings on our 2 year old thinking that they are warm pants because that have footies on them. He tries so hard to understand, but I think I need to make a diagram for him.

  9. hahaha OMG this is such a funny post! I totally agree - leggings are NOT pants and shouldn't be worn as such. totally gross!

  10. Looking forward to seeing it, yes of course you can use my pic, thank you for asking :-) x

  11. And how! If they're see-through then it's not an outfit! :)

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  12. I totally agree! YUCK! Nobody can pull that off! + I just want to thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my blog!


  13. haha you are SO right!!


  14. I really hope the ladies that need to see this post will have an enlightenment. I'm so tired of seeing all the butts.

  15. So true! Tights should only be worn with tunics! Oh and nude tights? No, just say no ladies.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. This was so badly needed.hope everyone has the good sense not to wear tights as pants.let's pray for it....

  17. this is hilarious!!!! i totally agree!!! wear a long shirt or dress over it to cover your behind!!


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