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Thursday, October 13, 2011

So one of my dear followers, Mily of Simply Mily (click {here} for her blog), posts this on Thursdays.  So I thought I would support the cause.  Also, head over to {Brunch with Amber} to link up your blog.  

It's OK...

to secretly despise capitalizing ok.
to admit...yes I have
if all you want to eat for dinner is Lucky Charms cereal.
to wake up EVERY morning and THINK about calling in.
to still think of your sisters as your bratty little sisters but love them dearly.
to stare at your engagement ring for HOURS I mean that is what it is there for!
to check your blog 1000000000 times a day for new followers.
to tell EVERYONE {with the excitement of a child on Christmas} your updated follower count!
if right after vacation you are thinking...when is my next 3 day weekend?
if you had a glob of mascara on your face and no one told you about it.
to yell at your friend for NOT telling you about the glob!
it's okay if your idea of big plans for the weekend is watching the 4 hour Kim Kardashian Wedding on DVR.
to think that a pint of ice cream is a  handy prepackaged serving size and eat the ENTIRE pint!
to buy Little Debbie snacks for your afternoon snack.
to constantly feel like your wardrobe needs a makeover.
to hate wearing heals!
to love wearing flats!

Again...don't forget to check out Mily's blog and link up with Amber!  
Have a great Thursday and just think...TOMORROW IS FRIDAY....YAY!!!!


  1. I love flats too and am not afraid to admit it! I'm going on a weekend vacation too and am sure I'll be thinking about the next one right after we get back!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Haha... I just had a 3-day weekend and the minute I got to work on Monday morning I started counting the days til my next one!! And I only saw half of Kim K's wedding so far, the rest is on DVR- can't wait to see the ending!

    My goodness I hate heels too, but I'm so short that I feel they are necessary- at least at work!

    Have a great day!

  3. OMG i'm in love with your list!!!! I could go through everyone of them but this would be a REALLY long comment =)Let me know what you think of Kim K wedding!!!

    ps... thank sooo much for the shout-out =) it made my day!!

    pss...i swear the ice cream pint was invented to eat entierely as one serving.


  4. Oh, I love this. It looks so much fun!

  5. welcome to It's Ok Thursday
    i love linking to them
    i forgot today though haha

    you post was hilarious
    i wake up everymorning and i also
    think of calling in haha in my
    head i already run out of excuses

    haha i hate it when your
    mascara or eyeliner is all over
    your eye .. you ask is my makeup
    ok? your friend is like oh yes
    its fine .. you look in the mirror
    GREAT! and you scream at her haha
    do it all the time!

    and i hope you enjoy the wedding
    this weekend ... be prepared
    for 4 hours of DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA


  6. I would love to call into work every day! I wish I loved my job. AH. I could totally eat Lucky Charms for supper, but I don't think my husband could ha!

  7. lol this was a fun post! I do love the marshmellows in llucky charms, and so wished I loved my job!


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