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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So according to a study, 2/3 of men say I love you first in the relationship.
On average men say I love you six weeks before their girlfriend.
I found this study interesting because Paul was the one
to say I love you first.  Which even caught me off
guard when he said it.  I mean don't get me wrong I was thrilled
but isn't that precisely the reason why I hadn't said it..
my guard was up!  I think this study failed to mentioned
that women often have to hold back how they feel
in the beginning of relationships for the fear of "too soon"
and "you'll scare him off".  We (women) WANT to be in love...
but we are just afraid to let you know so to be safe...
you say it first!
Speak up for your heart...say it when you feel it!

Last Friday was our 4 year anniversary!
I said recently commented on a blog that I sometimes miss
my old crazy single life...just a little but then
I thought about it and NAH...I'd rather be in love!

Even though the twists and turns had some excitement
this is the best part of the story....

I'm marrying my best friend and my greatest love on
(and's a THURSDAY...that is how we roll)

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  1. Aw congrats! Im so happy for ya!

    I just tagged you for a tag that I made up!
    Check out my blog to see the post-

  2. Hooray! What great excitment you must be feeling, Shia :) I'm so happy for you both.

    I think this study is very interesting. I completely believe it... I'm always a little hesitant to express my feelings before someone else goes and takes the plunge first :)

    Have a great Thursday, love!


  3. My husband was the one to say I love you first as well! Interesting facts! Congrats on the wedding and I LOveee that it is on a thursday!

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