Monday, July 16, 2012

So the other day I was standing in line behind a girl and noticed her outfit.  It was super cute.  She was wearing a skirt similar to this with a gold tank top.  I asked her where she got the dress and she told me it was a skirt from Forever 21.  So I had to go check it out!

On one of my lunch breaks I drove 20 mins to Forever 21 to find the skirt.  At this mall, the Forever 21 is two stories and it is just packed with racks.  I have no idea if the stuff is even grouped in any kind of rhyme or reason.  So after looking around for what seemed to be forever (no pun intended) I asked a sales girl if she could point me in the direction of this pleated green maxi skirt with a black elastic band.  Luckily she knew what I was talking about.  So I found it ... YAY!  Then I realized ... oh crap ... I didn't ask her where she got her top.  So then I was back at the mercy of the lack of organization to look for a gold tank.  I gave up at one point and tried on the skirt.  It was cute but you know how sometimes you try something on and your like sure it looks okay but .... so I went back to look for a top.  I asked a different sales girl about the gold tank ... no help.  So more wandering around and bumping into teenagers. 

Then ... I gave up and put the skirt back.  After all of that ... my obsession faded.  I just couldn't commit to a skirt that I had no idea what top I would wear with it.  I've been down that road before it wasn't pretty (click HERE).  Also, when I looked at the price tag I just couldn't commit to a $20 skirt from Forever 21.  Does that sound crazy?  I mean it's only $20.  But that day I was wearing my new skirt from Ann Taylor that I got for $7.99!  I pushed past others that were $20 - $30.  Why would I then splurge on a Forever 21 skirt?  I mean their stuff is supposed to be cheaper.  Also, we're midsummer here ... so limited amount of time left to wear at "full price" nah.  Lastly, I'm not that tall.  I'm only 5'5" so ... green and short ... would the cuteness I see translate as look ma there's an umpa lumpa??

Also, after I saw how much these "cheaper" clothes were being sold for I wanted to rush around to those said teenagers that I kept bumping into and grab them and shake them ... don't ruin your credit over "cheap" clothes ... don't do it!!  Yes that is when I realized that I had over stayed my welcome in the land of teen/early 20s.  Besides when did I leave work again?  Oh crap!  

So have you ever been obsessed by something?
What did you do?  Buy it/get over it?
Did it work out?


  1. I hear you on f21 not being cheap for what it is. On the flip side I've found some great pieces I've worn to death! The green maxi would look good with white or peach (if you had gotten it).

  2. I didn't get it but you're right peach or white would go well with it. I guess I won't give up on them yet. Maybe I just need to go and conquer all those racks when I have more time. It seems like I'll need about a week ... there were SO many!

    ♥ Shia

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  4. Good for you for putting it back! If it were me, I would have bought it, came home, looked at it, then returned it. I do that all the time! I get obsessed....and end up buying it, getting guilty, and returning it in the end!! Lucky you didn't buy it from Forever21 because they only have a credit return policy =]


  5. Priscilla - thanks for checking out my blog.

    Samantha Marie - OMG thank you for the heads up regarding returns at F21! Sneaky sneaky! I think you just gave me another reason to steer clear of that place.

    Thank you both for your comments!
    ♥ Shia


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