Buyer's Remorse....

Monday, April 4, 2011

So as I posted before (click here), I bought this skirt to fulfill an obsession for another skirt.  I attempted to wear it today but then realized that I don't have a shirt that goes with it and it is more like a mint green than a blue.  I just hate when you buy something and it doesn't work or it requires hunting for the right top or the right shoes.  It makes it a hassle and forget any deal I got on this skirt if I now need to go and buy a shirt and or shoes.  I actually had a feeling that this was going to happen so I took it with me the other day on a shopping trip looking for a top and NADA.  I thought okay well a white shirt would surely go...but you know when you have a feeling like...this isn't quite right so then the entire day you just feel like you look awkward.  So needless to say my Monday morning was a wreck because I only pulled like a million shirts down out of my closet to see if they would work and then didn't even end up wearing the skirt at all.  I finally said screw it and pulled out something else.  

So now I am thinking I will return it but of course there is that haunting voice in my head give it a try look for a top and it will be great.  However, there is also that "I told you so" voice telling me that I will never wear this skirt and it will end up in my closet with clothes that I never wear until like a year from now when I donate it to the vets.  (I love this clothing charity ... they will pick the stuff up from your house and they do yearly pick ups on Veteran's Day and they supply you with information to write it off on your taxes!)  Also, I know for a fact that when you are looking for a particular something when you are shopping you NEVER find it. 

Thankfully I didn't do the unthinkable....I haven't torn the tag off yet so I CAN return it!  Seriously though, I am perplexed...I really don't know if I should try getting a pale gray shirt .... but now I am on a quest for a pale gray shirt?  AHHHHHHH!  I know what I should do but will I do it?  (SEND IT BACK!!!!)

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