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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

(cough cough)

So I'm not that big on Avon products except for this eye makeup remover that they sell which goes on sale for $1.

When it goes on sale, I stock up.  This stuff is great for several reasons 1) it works ~ it will take off the hardest to remove mascara in one to two swipes 2) it doesn't burn your eyes and 3) it moisturizes!!  So recently when I grabbed an Avon book from our firm kitchen and noticed this was on sale, I thought perhaps I need to find a few other things to try and then blog about them.  So, I decided to get some mascara.

The brush on this is super tiny so it really grabs every little lash.  I can tell a difference in the length of my lashes too.  They do seem longer.  Also, since the brush is so fine it doesn't clump up on your lashes or leave big clumps on the ends.  It also dries super quick so it doesn't smear when applying to the lower lashes.

However, I did have a problem with my Avon order.  I ordered a black dress.  When it came in, I went to the restroom to try it on and two problems 1) this dress had some HORRIBLE built-in "shape wear" which was basically this rubber tubing you were supposed to slide into ... NO THANKS and 2) it REEKED of cigarette smoke and bad perfume.  I feared trying it on for two reasons 1) what if I couldn't get out of that rubber tubing and 2) what if I couldn't get that smell off of me.  Needless to say, I went back to my desk and emailed the Avon lady and asked for a refund.  She was very professional.  Offered me my money back or a credit towards other purchases.  I chose money back and she came in later that week dropped off my money and took the dress.  So, at least you know if you order something and you don't like it Avon will take it back. However, maybe the Avon lady shouldn't smoke around her selling items.  

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  1. Ewww that's gross!!! I hate the smell of cigarettes and on my "brand" spanking new clothes!!!!


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