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Friday, April 15, 2011

I thought I would share some things that I love....


A ~ Audi - I absolutely love Audis and I want one but for the sake of my sanity I will not get one because if it got damaged I wouldn't be able to handle it.  I joked with Paul and said that I would have to move my office to my car because of the fear someone would ding it in the parking garage.

B ~ Blogging!  I absolutely love writing my blog.  I have really been trying to step it up and put some great posts up.  I literally feel guilty when I don't blog.  If I miss a day I usually want to post an apology.  Like post...Shia was catching up on some sleep.  No excuse though!  My new mantra is quality posts.  I really put a lot of time and effort into each new post so I hope you enjoy!

I'll even handwrite out a rough draft or an outline for a blog post if need be!  On damask paper of

C~ CK One Summer circa 2008!  I absolutely love this fragrance the catch though is that every year CK One Summer is new so finding it now is hard.  I bought the first bottle in 2008 and last year bought my second bottle on ebay for $20.  Getting low again so I just looked on ebay $65!!!  Talk about supply v. demand.  

D ~ Damask!  Hello have we met?  I absolutely love this pattern.  Two Christmases ago my Mom gave me this great bed set it has finally made it on my bed.  Thanks Mom!

E ~ Eighties Music - Especially Madonna!  I absolutely love jamming to some classic Madonna.  True Blue is one of my favorite Madonna songs.

F~ Flats! I love wearing flats!  They are cute without the pain.  I just got these at Target for this summer.  I will say that they are the squeakiest shoes I have ever owned but I love them.

G ~ Guess Handbags!  I absolutely love Guess handbags.  I used to have quite a few more but I donated some to charity when I reorganized my closet.  I love these bags because they are unique not many people carry them.  

H ~ Honey Nut Cheerios!  As crazy as it sounds but if I buy this cereal I can eat it three times a day if needed.  I just love it!!

I~ Ideal Image!  Awhile back Taller and I went to a Bridal Show and I won some money off a hair removal package.  I decided to use it on my chin.  I used to be VERY self conscious about hair on my chin.  I used to carry and have tweezers everywhere.  My biggest fear was being that old lady with a beard because I couldn't see the hair and no one would tell me and they would just laugh behind my back.  Now no more worries.  The hair is GONE! 

J ~ My Jetta!  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love it but I hate that it has been the beacon of parking lot dings and scratches.  LEAVE MY JETTA ALONE PEOPLE!!!  (See this is why I can't have an Audi)

K ~ Kissing goodbye & goodnight!  I love that Paul and I always kiss goodbye and goodnight.  It just happens and I think it is the sweetest thing ever!

L ~ Laughing!  What can I say I like to laugh.  I had a friend growing up who's mother said she didn't like me because I laugh too much.  Well get over it you old bitty, I laugh and I like to make others laugh with my incredible wit. =)

M ~ Moulin Rouge!  I am not one to say that I have favorite movies or favorite actor/actresses but I LOVE this movie.  The first time I saw it I was pretty skeptical I think I literally said...Nicole Kidman singing bleh. But by the end I was bawling my eyes out.  The music in this movie is great!  If it's on tv...I DVR it!  Speaking of which, I am pretty sure it's on the DVR as I type!

N ~ My Nieces!  I love these little rugrats!  Marissa is 5, Kaelyn is soon to be 2 and Leah is soon to be 1!

O ~ Orchids!  I love Orchids and the first flowers Paul bought me was orchids.  I've never owned a live orchid because I'm too afraid that I will kill it and I would be devastated!

P ~ Paul!  He is the love of my life and my best friend!  I still can't believe I was lucky enough to find him! (I also love my pets AND PARENTS but Paul wins the slot)

Q ~ Quiet!!  OMG I can not say this enough SHUT UP!!!  My office is SOOOO noisy!  I just love when it's quiet...ahhhhhhh!

R ~ Rootbeer!  This is the only drink that I will give in and not get the diet version if it isn't available.  I will drink it and glady accept the calories that go with it.  

S ~ Sweet & Low!  What can I say this is my vice.  I went without it for awhile but now I am back on the wagon.  

T ~ Twix!  I can normally pass up candy but not if it happens to be a Twix bar.  That's why they give you two in the pack - they are just that good they know you want another one.

U ~ Ulta!  I don't know what I did before this store.  I love it!  Not only do they have goes on SALE!!!  Going soon to get some B2G1 Redken styling products!!

V ~ Vacations!  When's my next one?

W ~ White Pizza!  I only discovered this a few years ago (thanks to Paul) and I love it.  I hate tomatoes so I didn't eat pizza, so white pizza makes me normal.  Before I would say...I don't eat pizza and I would hear GASP!?! YOU DON'T EAT PIZZA?!?  Now I do!

X ~ Xtra Daylight (ok you think of something with X) Even though I hate setting the clock ahead an hour I love that it is not dark out when I leave work.  I hate driving home in the dark feeling like the day is completely over.  

Y ~ Yellow!  So I used to hate yellow.  Face it sometimes a generic yellow crayon doesn't even work.  When I started thinking about wedding ideas, I fell in love with damask and thought about putting that Tiffany blue with it but then I thought perhaps I should incorporate Paul into the whole mix and since his favorite color is yellow I put damask and yellow together and fell in love.  I love yellow now.  (okay maybe not those yellow shorts Paul insists on wearing EVERYWHERE)

Z ~ Zombies!  I love zombie movies!  I just think...what would I do if the world became full of zombies...

Some letters I could think of multiple things but I really just tried to put the first thing that came to mind when thinking what do I love that starts with.....

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