When I grow up...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When I grow up by Shirley Temple

When am I going to start feeling like a grown up?  I have friends with children and even my little sisters have children so I realize that yes I am an adult but I just don't have that feeling of being a "grown up".  I mean believe me I know I am not in my wild 20s.  "Staying up and out all night" days are gone and believe me I've made those "stupid mistakes" and learned from them like we are all supposed to do.

Sure I graduated from college and have my full time job.  I'm engaged and planning a wedding.  I think about my finances.  I budget.  I grocery shop.  I pay my mortgage.  I keep track of my 401k.  I do all those things that grown ups do.  But why don't I feel like a grown up?

Does it have to do with the fact that I don't see my current job as my career?  Is it because I still have a list of things to do with my life?  Or is it more like a self image than the actual thought of being a grown up.  I just can't believe some people would look at me and think "look at that grown up over there."

It's not like I feel young ~ I cried the whole day on my 25th birthday because I felt that I was officially old.  Also, believe me when I turn on the radio in my car, I immediately know that I am not young. The music SUCKS and that statement in itself makes me feel old.

But you know when you are a kid and you think....when I grow up....and you have that whole list of stuff that you rattle off that you want to do.  When do you finally feel like that check list is complete and maybe I should have written it down because apparently I'm too old now to remember and fear that I'm forgetting something!

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  1. My mom sent this email as her "comment" I thought I would share...

    Thats a cute little video of you, ha-ha. You always reminded me of Shirley Temple, and now you're grown up and Marissa is are little Shirley Temple.


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