Stormy Weather?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So here comes the rain?  When walking back from lunch/library visit I noticed that it's starting to look like rain is finally on it's way.
I get back to my desk and Zach (an attorney I work with) 
emailed me and said that a bad storm is brewing and I 
should go home before it hits.  So I left work around 3:30.

So I get home from work and see this....
NOOOOO!!  Hold on little one...RAIN IS COMING!!!

New bud on it's way =)

The Mighty Ducks are back!!
Saltines = Duckies come running!
More Saltines = Duckies feel safe enough to get inches away.
Some have a few cracker crumbs on their backs to enjoy later =)

One mama and two males...what happened to the
 other mama duck and her two lil ducklings?

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