Paul and Shia's House

Friday, April 1, 2011

So since time is getting shorter and shorter to when Paul and I want to move.  We have been trying to narrow down our dream home plans.  Basically, Paul has drawn out how we want the inside of the house to lay out but as for the outside we have finally narrowed it down.  
I absolutely love this house.  I love everything about it.  
The color, the clapboard, the decorative windows...
everything EXCEPT it is missing the "swoop".  I know what
 you are saying...what the heck is the "swoop".........
See how this one has a slight curve to the roof line.  
I absolutely love that so Paul and I are going to see if the architect can
 add some swoop to the Beauxville and make it the perfect 
Paul & Shia house.  (I can't see why he couldn't they're both his designs).
There has been some talk of not doing the clapboard and going all stone.  
I am rooting for the clapboard but I do love cobblestone houses....

I can't wait until we start building.  There will definitely be blogging related to its progress once that day all we need is a LOCATION!


  1. I am so excited for you guys and love the look of that house

  2. We are planning to build a modified version of the Kellswater but want to see what the interior looks like.
    Do you have photos or other information that you could share?
    have you seen one or know of one that is built and could be seen.

  3. We are planning on building a modified version as well. We actually found the plans in a magazine but I did some googling and found this -
    hope it helps.

    Thanks for checking out my blog!



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