National Library Week

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is National Library Week so no matter where you live head in to your local library to support it.  The days of only getting books at the library are long gone now you can check out DVDs, CDs and Audiobooks, read magazines, surf the web on computers, free wifi for your laptop, etc.  

The Downtown Jacksonville Branch is the library I visit the most.  I have turned my lunch hour into peaceful lunches in the gorgeous courtyard and flipping through magazines looking for new blog ideas. 

I just learned that the library system here in Jacksonville is facing a big budget cut.  The cut will result in a branch closing and all libraries to be closed on Sundays and Mondays and reducing the daily hours.  Also, a budget cut on new materials. 

The library is something we all take for granted, I mean when you were a kid and you had a report to do...face it the library encyclopedia sets was where it was at ... but now we've forgotten how great it is.  I only recently started going to the library regularly when I discovered books on CD.  My long commutes are now not so bad when listening to books on the way to and home from work.  My road rage has dropped significantly as well.  I even have Paul hooked on them now.  Seriously, great libraries is now a must on places we are considering moving.

On a budget?  Hello did I forget to mention that all of this is free with a library card?  Of course if you miss your check in date you will have to pay a fine but other than that FREE!  Also, our library here in Jacksonville as a great website.  You can renew your items online, search for new items, place items on hold to be picked up at your local branch from other Jacksonville branches, download ebooks and audiobooks, find out about events happening at the library and so much more!

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