White Girl Fro in the North

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let me just say that I felt like I was on vacation from my hair woes. I only had 3 oz of shampoo, 3 oz of conditioner, 3 oz of Redken spray gel and 3 oz of Biosilk Strate (biosilk ghetto slang for straight) and I got away with using this simple amount. I seriously BARELY used any of the hair product. I wore my hair out of Florida curly (hello had to get up at 5:00 am). After the first wash in NH, my hair air dried and I brushed it out. Yes me and a straighter first and dare I say....NO FRIZZ!! Usually, if I brush out the white girl fro I end up looking like my mom in the 70s. No offense mom but you had some white girl fro going on. Are you sure you aren't jewish too...HAHAHA! So anyways, I also did a blow out courtesy of a hairdryer supplied at the condo. One day I even did the whole curling my hair with the straightener. Even the day of our departure, washed it, little spray gel, air dry and my hair looked GREAT! Everyday I had a new style with ease because believe me our days consisted of getting up, getting dressed, eating a quick breakfast and out the door for exploring. No time to tame the white girl fro and luckily there wasn't need to. Also, I really felt like the water was cleaner leaving less cruddy build-up and my hair stayed cleaner longer in the process. Why oh why would anyone not want to live in such a hair maintenance free world? What's so great about Florida anyway?

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