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Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Paul bought me some gel inserts for my tennis shoes before vacation. Yes apparently, this is what old people do to gear up for vacation. We get gel insoles. However, when removing my Asics' factory insoles the insole was pretty much super glued in and it ripped out the bottom of my shoe and even with the new insole, it still felt like there was a hole in my shoe when walking. So I had to get new tennis shoes on vacation and we went into a Nike Factory Outlet in Tilton, NH. At this location, Nike had a shoe drop bin to recycle old shoes. So you know me, I was thrilled to recycle my old shoes. Also, Nike took the box that my new shoes came in to recycle that as well. I'm not sure what the other brands are up to but Nike is now down in my book for being so green and face it folks the fact that this program made it to the SMALL outlet store of Tilton, NH shows that Nike is on the ball! (No pun intended) So if you have some old athletic shoes...please's as easy as dropping them in a bin! For more information check out Nike's Shoe Recycling website by clicking here.

(Side Note: This was where one of the three Starbucks in the entire state of New Hampshire is located. Sadly, I didn't know that at the time and didn't go to Starbucks!)

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  1. nike is on the ball HA thats what she said...


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