31 Ways to Eat and Slim #18

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

18) Crack yourself up.

Basically this tip is to incorporate eggs to your morning breakfast. Self says to take your breakfast a healthy step further by scrambling an egg. Research shows that dieters who ate eggs in the morning consumed fewer calories for the following 24 hours and reported feeling less hungry and more satisfied than those who ate a carb heavy breakfast. Pressed for time? Prepare and chill a batch of hard boiled eggs to grab in a flash.

My skinny - Okay I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Hard boiled eggs...YUCK! Okay peeps me making eggs in the morning...not gonna happen. I am happy with my waffle - soy milk routine. I literally have no extra time for eggs. I would never get to work. I mean they might get a little pissy around here if I started coming in at 10 am. an effort to curb calorie consumption on the weekend, I will eat eggs in the morning and test scrambling and reheating...maybe that will work. I'll keep you posted...but hard boiled ... GROSS!

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  1. I vouch for this tip! I am in the habit of a scrambled egg in the morning! Eggs are also known to be good "brain food". It only takes about a minute to scramble a couple eggs.


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