31 Ways to Eat and Slim #2

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2) Milk your morning.

Basically this tip is to drink fat free skim milk with your breakfast. Self says that breakfast just starts your metabolism and milk (protein - rich non-fat dairy) is a lasting meal. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that skim milk drinkers felt fuller and ate 9 percent less at lunch than juice drinkers did.

My skinny - Okay well here is the thing. First, I don't drink juice...hello CALORIE WASTER! (Unless we are talking about Diet V8 Splash that has like 10 calories or something.) Second, I admit that I am a breakfast skipper. Third, I am lactose intolerant so milk isn't really a good wake up to the day for me. So, starting Monday, I will drink a glass of soy milk, equivalent to skim milk, and I will post to this blog how hungry I am at lunch time.


  1. I also want to add to all these that this is a lot like the Julie & Julia thing where everday she makes a recipe..I love it!

  2. Soy milk is a good choice for your skin too. Soy is supposed to help keep skin younger looking!!

  3. Monday - Hot soy milk with sugar free chocolate syrup -- nice hot chocolate for the car ride to work -- honestly I wasn't starving at lunch time and I didn't really eat much for lunch and wasn't starving when I got home at 8:30 for dinner. So maybe the milk thing works...

    Tuesday - Drank 8 oz soy protein shake -- I have the powder at my desk and you just mix it with water -- since it's sort of a faux milk I'll keep you posted.

  4. So the protein shake didn't hold as long as the soy milk, I was hungry at about 11:30. So tomorrow morning I'll drink the soy again to see if there is a real difference.

  5. So Wednesday morning and this morning, I actually sat on my couch and ate breakfast. I had the unsweetened soy with sugar free chocolate syrup and two Van's apple cinn waffles.
    These waffles are wheat free and gluten free so if you need to avoid that great. But even for wheat and gluten eaters, these waffles rock. They taste AWESOME and they are very filling. Yesterday, I wasn't starving at lunch time and I even ate a very light dinner.

  6. So it's Friday and I've eaten breakfast and had soy milk each morning and I can say...BIG DIFFERENCE! I am now a believer that this tip works!


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