31 Ways to Eat and Slim #11

Monday, January 11, 2010

11) Get a "fast" food fix.

Basically this tip is that you will eventually find yourself without a game plan and will turn to fast food. Self says to manage the fast food need to keep healthy frozen meals on hand. So you can look into your freezer and grab one of these in a pinch instead of going through the drive through.

My Skinny - Okay so this sounds soooo simple. Yes I will just always eat frozen meals when I am hungry and don't feel like cooking. I think this tip is pointless. Sure eat your frozen processed meal with high sodium intake (so you'll bloat up) and then....what is're still hungry...NO. So what are you going to do at this point...keep eating...duh! So then you might even eat more calories than you would have to pick something up. I'm not suggesting that a Big Mac meal is going to be a better choice. I would suggest figuring out something you can eat out and about. If you do a little before hand research you can find something at basically any restaurant to eat. I suggest making a list of options for your local favorite restaurants and keeping it on hand. Check out this website for restaurant nutritional information. Also let's say you do eat that Big Mac Meal out of desperation. Just write it down and move on. Don't let it destroy your goal but just think...I wanted it and I ate it and how do I feel now and remember it the next time. So you'll think well I ate that last time and I didn't really enjoy it as much as I thought I would and I could have eaten this and been just as satisfied. Also, you took charge of your choice. It isn't as bad of a blow to your diet ego as eating a frozen meal and then snacking out of control.

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