31 Ways to Eat and Slim #9

Saturday, January 9, 2010

9) Pass the Pasta.

Basically this tip is to switch to whole wheat version of pasta. Self says that whole grains have the same number of calories as refined or white carbs do, but they have more fiber so you will eat less because you will feel fuller faster. Be sure to maintain portion control.

My Skinny - FYI...whole grain pasta doesn't taste the same as regular but yes it is more filling and better for you. The fiber helps break down the fat and sugars in the pasta and sauces but if you are satisfying a craving by eating pasta it might not do the trick because of the difference in taste. When I want the white pasta fix I eat Ronzoni Smart Taste. It's white pasta and it tastes like white pasta but it has more fiber. So you get the same effect as the whole grain pasta and honestly it tastes better. Also try a sauce with less sugar. It will also taste more fresh.

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